The quality of our life is directly affected by the state of our consciousness.~ Jeffrey Slayter


In the ever-present push-pull between work and home life, the true balance exists in knowing the state of inner centeredness and having a clear understanding of :

  • what you want at your core essence
  • what actions you need to take to release what stops you and
  • how to honour your truth through living your values

When you are inwardly centered and in integrity with what matters to you, you can respond to life’s external demands and stay balanced no matter what is going on in your life.


What do you really want?

Give yourself time to reflect on your present circumstances and identify what you authentically envision for your life. Meditation, journaling exercises and simply spending quiet time in nature can support your self-inquiry.

  • Do you have a sense of purpose and a clear understanding of what life is about for you or have the expectations and values of others dictated your path?
  • Have the memories of past, perceived failures stopped you from taking risks now?
  • Have you settled for less than what you deserve?
  • Are you going through the motions of your life on autopilot (working at a job you hate? feeling unfulfilled?)


Use these questions and dedicated time to develop a clear map of what deeply matters to you in your life and discover what brings out your joy and passion.


Release What gets in the way

Breathwork is a powerful process that can blast you through the hidden obstacles that stop you from taking charge of your life and operating from your integrity and values.


Your breath is the vehicle that carries a spiritual wisdom to every level of your being.


It clears out and resets the inner equilibrium that is so critical to your being able to live free from what keeps you stuck and feeling out of alignment with your life’s choices.


Honour Your Inner Truth

Finding that sweet spot of work/life balance can only happen when you are fully aware of what you want. Once that is in your consciousness, you can be empowered to make decisions and clear choices that honour your truth.

When you know what is important and what is not, you can be more selective and choiceful in what you do because you are clear about what is important and what is not. Here are three balancing outcomes that can result:

  • You can slow down and be present to the experiences, people and special moments around you;
  • You can simplify your life because you know when to ask for help and have the discernment to focus on the significant actions you need to do;
  • You can strengthen your relationship to your inner compass through regular spiritual practices (meditations, breathing, exercises, affirmations) and new behaviours (spend time in nature, play).


In striving to bring balance and wholeness into your life, you need to know matters to you at your deepest essence.


The only way to get what you really want is to know what you really want.

The only way to know what you really want is to know yourself.

The only way to know yourself is to be yourself.

And the only way to be yourself, is to listen to your heart.

                         ~Mike Dooley –
















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