Being spontaneous is a choice you can make to be in the present moment. When you are spontaneous and act without a plan, you give yourself the opportunity to let your inner authenticity guide your experience.  To be spontaneous is to reach inward and discover what truly moves you.

Take a moment to assess your personal level of spontaneity:
  • Is your life routine? List the things you do every day.
  • Review the habitual activities above and consider what motivates your actions.
  • Reflect on any parts of your daily routine that you could do differently
  • How can you give some airtime to unplanned activities? What are you able to ‘just do’ without planning? What can you say ‘yes’ to that is ‘out of the box’?
  • What would happen if you gave yourself an entire day with no plans at all ?
Looking for inspiration? 
Enjoy this beautiful perspective for breaking the habits that have become your rigid life. (Courtesy of spiritual philosopher, writer and speaker, Alan Watts):

…”In addition to this quiet and contemplative mode of meditation there seems to me to be an important place for another, somewhat akin to the spiritual exercises of the dervishes. No one is more dangerously insane than one who is sane all the time: he is like a steel bridge without flexibility, and the order of his life is rigid and brittle. The manners and mores of Western civilization force this perpetual sanity upon us to an extreme degree, for there is no accepted corner in our lives for the art of pure nonsense.

Our play is never real play because it is almost invariably rationalized; we do it on the pretext that it is good for us, enabling us to go back to work refreshed. There is no protected situation in which we can really let ourselves go. If our sanity is to be strong and flexible, there must be occasional periods for the expression of completely spontaneous movement–for dancing, singing, howling, babbling, jumping, groaning, wailing–in short, for following any motion to which the organism as a whole seems to be inclined.

The function of such intervals for nonsense is not merely to be an outlet for pent-up emotion or unused psychic energy, but to set in motion a mode of spontaneous action which, though at first appearing as nonsense, can even eventually express itself in intelligible forms.”


To be spontaneous is to reach into what truly moves you – your breath can release the suppression the stops your spontaneity – breathe and allow the truth of what moves you emerge.

Your breath can release the suppression that blocks spontaneity. Breathe and allow the truth of what really moves you to emerge.


Wishing you 2021 that is spontaneous, free and joyful

Be well




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