Breathwork is a life companion that evolves as you evolve ~ John Stamoulos


Breathwork is a discipline that is an amazing and profound way of living because the breath has the power to unlock an infinite number of levels within the self.  It is an endless and fascinating exploration that evolves with us through healing to growth.

The first explorations of Breathwork can produce potent effects that require a sense of safety and support to integrate and work through. It is important that you choose a Breathwork practitioner that embodies confidence that you have a compatible guide for your journey.


Tips for finding your best ever Breathwork practitioner –

  • A reputable Breathworker should be willing to give you the time you need to have your questions answered.

Here are some questions you might want to ask of your potential Breathworker:

    • length of time they have been facilitating Breathwork;
    • are they accredited;
    • who were their trainers;
    • do they have a website (when you look – do you like the site?)
    • what technique do they use and how long the breathing part of the session runs (A session of less than one hour indicates a ‘quick fix’ approach which is something to avoid);
    • their personal journey in Breathwork – how has it changed their lives
  • The Breathworker is there to support, guide, ask questions and provide safety. The responsibility for transformation rests with you, not your Breathworker – they support but do not fix or give advice!
  • Some of the Breathworkers today are well intentioned but sometimes biases and personal views can creep into the interactions. So it is imperative that you are aware of the personal views of your Breathworker and that they don’t interfere with your professional relationship.
  • Check out your compatibility and their neutrality. A good Breathworker is someone who supports you to find your own answers and guides you to a safe and compassionate place.
  • Trust your own inner voice – take notice of any nervousness you experience with the Breathwork practitioner. You have to trust your instincts and discern if your nervousness and fear is just a natural reaction to something new, or if you are intuitively sensing the need to keep searching.
  • It is useful to try working with a couple of different Breathworkers for comparison purposes. If you had a breath session with a male, also try with a female.  Different gender energy can shift perspective on matters like mother/father issues.
  • Take it for a test drive …. If there is a free Breathwork community in your area, by all means, take advantage of it. Such gatherings affords people the opportunity to meet and work with other Breathworkers and discover the benefits of the process for their personal growth.
  • It is critical that you feel a sense of trust and non-judgment with your Breathwork practitioner that is built when the Breathworker
    • has clear boundaries – tells you up-front fees, timing, rules
    • clears any issues with the client – making time for questions, addressing uncertainties or fears
    • is present to support – your Breathworker should be connecting and genuinely interested in your growth and needs, not in trying to fix or diagnose you
    • has planned obsolescence built into your relationship – your Breathworker’s goal is to support you and teach you and to know when to let go. They are also always available for occasional sessions to help you stay connected to the purity of the process.


When we finally decide that something needs to change, our breath is there to lead us to heal the ‘disconnect’ we have created in the name of our survival. When we change internally, it reflects in our external world.  Any stress, shame, tensions, guilt that you might hold in your body that limit or restrict can be released through Breathwork. The results show up as amazing shifts in life – in people who show up and opportunities that appear. Things happen that prove you are free to live in the sacred inner self connection that you have allowed into your life.


Take the time to Breathe and be free…

Be Well – you have it in you!





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