Different from dry Breathwork techniques where the focus can go in any number of directions, warm water Breathwork sessions are naturally more centered on accessing your in utero experiences, healing your birth traumas as well as releasing the issues associated with your primal thoughts about life.

Warm water sessions are a very powerful form of Breathwork that can be conducted either individually or in a group setting. Warm water Breathwork sessions are usually 3 hours long however can take up to 4 hours.

They take place in a pool of comfortably warm water (approximately 37C) where you are required to float face down and breathe using a snorkel. Two Breathworkers support you during the entire session. Because some people experience fear when they are face down in water, there is an option to float on your back. However, once you understand that it is safe and you won’t drown, you can learn to relax into the optimal face down stance and let the feeling of being suspended in warm water sooth and massage your body into a deep surrender.

warm water 2With warm water Breathwork, the subconscious mind makes the connection to being in the womb. As a result, you can have many memory releases of the physical, mental and emotional experiences in utero and at the pivotal moment of your birth.

Warm water Breathwork sessions are very beautiful experiences that have the advantage of taking you take you deeper into the point of the origin of your life. The results of accessing your essential nature in this way are both profound and unforgettable.

Warm water Breathworks can also be done in jacuzzi’s or natural hot springs if available.

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