Where is the door to God?

In the sound of a barking dog

In the ring of a hammer

In a drop of rain

In the face of


I see



The most profound experiences within Breathwork are often described as like touching God and feeling exquisitely expanded into unspeakable beauty.


The ‘God’ experience occurs following a process of energy build-up and release that carries away the stresses and tensions and traumas that no longer serve us. It is not a consciously controlled experience, rather one that is part of the magic of the Breathwork process:

The feelings and sensations that are the general experience in the final moments of a breath session follow a build-up of energy that, on an unconscious level can bring up memories of all the similar energy we experienced at our first transition from the womb at our birth.  At that moment, the life force that pulses through us is so intense, we must trust that we can handle that much power without it causing death.

Similarly, in a breath session, the tensions, stress or traumas that come up to be deleted, are integrated from the feelings, emotions and thoughts that arise.  Eventually, from reaching a peak that is like that massive life force which flows through us at our birth, the intense and chaotic sensations subside and morph into a gentle tingling – almost to an everyday state.  As you have cleared blocks, and you move closer to your heart centre you begin to feel lighter and experience bliss and deep peace.


Reaching the Heart, the ‘God’ experience and the Worldwide Universe


This is the moment when you experience your reconnection to the Universal Life Force or Divine Healing Energy.  All you need to do at this point is simply breathe and have a willingness to experience whatever is taking place.  Trust that what you are experiencing in these profoundly sacred moments is your deepest truth and relax into the moment and go with it.

It is like connecting to the vastness of the Worldwide Universe (WWU).  Your human mind may not retain all that information and experience, but out of a breath session you still have the feeling of ‘wow, what was that?”  In that realisation, you are forever changed in some way because in those moments, you have reached a deep and intimate understanding of universal oneness.


The power of Breathwork lies in its capacity to heal and release that which no longer serves. When you experience the WWU – healing can happen without any conscious input from you.


Just Breathe – let your breath and WWU do the rest



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