Grief is a journey, a winding path that can leave us schlepping an overwhelming burden of debilitating loss that leaves us utterly exhausted. We can feel lost in a sea of emotions when we lose someone in our life.  When the healing of our grief seems to have no end, when the pain persists, and the wounds refuse to heal, we have entered the realm of unresolved grief.


One of the telltale signs of unresolved grief is the persistence of intense painful emotions about death or the loss we have suffered. It’s as if the wound is constantly being reopened, refusing to scab over and heal. We find ourselves clinging desperately to reminders of the person we’ve lost, as if holding onto them will bring them back to us. But instead, it only deepens the ache in our hearts.


Moreover, we may find ourselves consumed by inaccurate or unhelpful details of the loss, replaying the events over and over in our minds like a broken record. We struggle to accept the harsh reality that the person is no longer with us or in our life, clinging to denial as a shield against the pain.

In the grip of unresolved grief, we often engage in numbing behaviors, seeking solace in distractions or substances to dull the ache within. But these are merely temporary band-aids on a wound that refuses to close.


So, what can we do to navigate through the storm of unresolved grief and find our way to calmer shores?


First, it’s crucial to accept that grieving is not a linear process. Setbacks are inevitable, and painful reminders will surface unexpectedly. It’s okay to falter on this journey. What matters is the willingness to continue moving forward.

Secondly, realize that healing from grief is not about “getting over it” or moving on. It’s about learning to live with the loss, integrating it into our lives rather than trying to escape from it.

Finally, consider incorporating breathwork into your healing journey. Breathwork can serve as a powerful tool for grief release, allowing us to process and integrate our experiences of loss on a deeper level.


In the realm of unresolved grief, the journey may be long and arduous, but with patience, self-compassion, and the right tools, we can find our way back to a place of peace and acceptance.

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