Response to highly stressful situations is not always ‘calm and cool,’ In the heat of the moment it is often much easier to give in and lose your s**t and release the emotion than it is to catch the invitation to react and instead respond. 

So, how do you avoid yelling into the phone at the long wait time or screaming at the driver ahead of you who refuses to drive the speed limit ? When you are stressed to the max, anything can put you over the edge and whatever resources you may have had to maintain your composure goes right over the edge with your profanity-laden rant.


The road back to calm and cool can be shorter than you think – and you have heard it millions of time in your lifetime: “just breathe!”

Yes, that thing you do thousands of times a day that keeps you alive can also be the road back to inner peace and to your ability to cope in a healthy way with the inevitable stress you all know in your life.  The downside to not doing this can take a major toll on your health and can put some dents in relationships too!


To imprint your breathing memory, try establishing a short breath focus each morning and night. Simply close your eyes and take a minute or two to consciously focus on your inhale and exhale trying to keep a regular pace for the in-breath and out-breath.

When you encounter stressful moments that you recognize in your day, bring in that same breath practice for a few breaths or longer if you are able. 


In doing this, you begin to train your brain to remember that when stress strikes and you are about to explode, your breath can cool the fire and save your mind, body and spirit from becoming charred remains of their former selves.


Breathe to cool the fire within !







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