Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into ~ Wayne Dyer


The Universal Law of Abundance states that there is available to you an overflowing, never-ending supply of all that you need and want.

Whether it is an abundance of love, health and vitality, wealth, peace, safety or growth that you desire, the key to connecting to it is to accept that you have the power to choose it. At the core of your being, you know this – you know the purity of your self-worth and that you are deserving, you know without question that there is limitless possibility and you know you are tuned into the frequency of abundance. So why is your life not looking quite in tune with this inner knowledge?


“What you focus on expands…what you think, you create”

Take a moment to think about something you deeply desire – a dream job, an ideal relationship, outstanding success, then pay attention to the deeper messages that surface about how it cannot happen. How many excuses arise in your thoughts that kill the possibility of manifesting that desire?

As much as we might carry the wisdom of abundance at our core, our Scarcity Mindset has become our conditioned and unconscious default choice that the Law of Abundance obeys.


What is your Abundance Potential?

Your capacity to align with abundance is a factor of whether you believe that prosperity is possible in every aspect of your life.

On a piece of paper, write down the following categories in your life: Physical; Financial; Relationships; Health; Emotional Well-Being; and Spiritual Well-Being.

For each of these categories, take a snapshot of your present abundance circumstances by answering the following questions:

  • On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how would you rate your level of well-being and abundance in each category?
  • What are your most heartfelt desires for each area of your life?
  • What do you most enjoy and have passion for in any of these categories? If you had more time, what category would you focus on?
  • List 3 ways you could pay more attention to each area of your life
  • What one abundant outcome do you desire in each category?


How do you end-run your own conditioning and tap into this universal and limitless source of ‘plenty’?


1] Clear the obstacles that keep you focused on what you don’t want so you can focus on what you want

  • Become aware of and Release your fear, limiting beliefs, conditioned responses that promote lack, and negativity –
  • Take action by reaching out for the support – book a Breathwork session, seek counseling
  • Observe – your thoughts and become aware of opportunities to shift to more positive perspectives (if you believe you can’t do something – ask, ‘what if I can do this?’)


2] Change your Mindset by replacing conditioned responses with conscious choice

  • Replace hopelessness with optimism and trust that prosperity and well-being can happen in your life.
  • Transform negativity and stress by doing one thing every day to support yourself and nurture self-worth – speak your truth and see your value.
  • ‘Having’ is now. Be aware, accept and acknowledge what you have right now. Appreciate your present abundance.
  • Use affirmations to focus on abundance:
    • ‘I give myself permission to have more of everything than I ever dreamed possible.’
    • ‘My merit and worth are increased by every action I take in my life.’


3] Build your abundance potential by expanding your belief system to accept more possibility and opportunity

  • Accept responsibility for your present situation. Stop blaming external events for your lack.
  • Take action toward fulfilling your true potential and future vision – sign up for courses, take assessments to discover your talents and skills.
  • Expand your awareness – meditate, let silence reset your inner balance and embrace what truly matters.
  • Celebrate successes whether they are small or large to create a positive focus on abundance.


Abundance has the same high vibration as love and joy and it begins internally with gaining access to the essence of who you are before you were conditioned to believe the lies you now tell yourself. When you tell yourself the truth, you can fully receive what you desire and passionately embrace what is waiting to enter into your life.

“If anyone happens to ask you to choose either laughter or chocolate, tell them that you’ll take both.” ~ Geneen Roth

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