Here are a few tips for effective use of affirmations:


Without commitment to making the change and reaching your goal, affirmations are just words.

Make it your #1 priority to create change. ACTION!


Repetition is the tool of affirmation accomplishment. For an affirmation to do its work in transforming your thoughts, it is important to recognize negative thoughts and change them when you become aware of them.

How much/how often?

Speak, write, or listen to the ‘First person’ affirmation (on the CD as ‘I am..’) 7-14 times and then repeat the ‘Second person’ affirmation (on the CD as ‘You are..’) the same number of times. Do this at least once or twice each day. Play with the affirmation(s) for at least 30 days. Use them again if the old thoughts return.

How to use ‘Second person’ affirmations

Graciously accept the Second person version. Speak or listen as if someone you admire is approving your affirmation back to you.

How to know you’re getting results

There are several criteria for recognizing an affirmation’s success.

    • The old thought, behaviour, or acts vanish or minimize.
    • Your frame of mind, thinking, actions, or habits change in a positive way.
    • The old thought, behaviour, or act resurfaces and your new thoughts instantly react with the affirmation.

    To get the most out of listening to the affirmations it is suggested you listen to the CD once a day for 1 month. The best times are just before sleeping, before starting the day, or when you are feeling stressed, fearful or low.