The only one who gets to decide your worth is you!

It doesn’t come from your bank account or the number of friends you have. It doesn’t come from what someone else says you are worth. It is called self-worth for a reason…it comes from you. It comes from being someone that you can count on and someone you love. It comes from being yourself and being proud of who you are.

The numbers will change with time but what won’t change is who you are deep inside – beautiful, limitless, wonderful, creative, strong, capable

– and that is where your worth comes from ~ Nikki Banas


Take a moment to reflect on your self-talk. What do you say to yourself when you are struggling? Are you critical or compassionate in your self-communication?

Who looks back at you when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you smile at your image and send love every day?

Can you list five to 10 things you love about yourself? Try it before you fall asleep at night

Do you show some love to yourself? Do you wear clothing that flatters you? Do you treat yourself to a ‘spa day’ on occasion? Do you get sufficient sleep each night? Do you eat nutritious, quality food?


You cannot be crushed by your own inner critic and cultivate a sense of self-worth at the same time. You cannot feel good about yourself if you do not hear the voice of your own self-love.

And you cannot live confidently with joy in your life without awareness of and connection to your genuine, authentic self that holds the key to your self-worth.


Below is a link to an article that is chock full of ideas and exercises you can try to nurture your sense of positive value in the world.


As a human being on this planet – you have value. Period.


When you cultivate the conviction of this truth – your life is relieved of the bag of regret and rumination that drags you down. Then there is a pure joy that creeps into your life that lightens your step and grant you the most precious gift of inner peace.


Be well




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