Real family does not come from your blood. It is the people standing beside you when no one else is. ~ unknown


The Holiday Season underscores the need to acknowledge the presence of love and connection. It often focuses on family and asks that we turn to our origins in life and appreciate where we have come from as well as spend time with family. While not all of us have had the privilege of growing up in a supportive or normal family (in fact that would be 95% of us!), it is important to consider that there are often people in our lives who have provided support and regard for us and who have sustained us during difficult times in our lives…in every sense of the word, these people are family too.   


The following article takes an interesting and unique look at how we tend to create our own whirlwind of activity that we have come to believe is a vital and crucial part of our life. It suggests that simplifying all the busyness of this Season and at other times in life can re-prioritize the false sense of importance we have given to everything other than what is most important – family and I would invite you to broaden your definition of ‘family’ to include not only blood relationships but also the family of your heart where others of significance in your life reside!


Enjoy the short read, think about ways you can elevate the importance of family (whatever that looks like to you) in your life and breathe in gratitude for those special people with whom we are bonded in experience and love…


Happy Holidays !

Breathe well and fully – love is everywhere






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