Have you ever taken inventory of the noise that surrounds you everyday? The traffic, sirens, machines, construction, television, and conversation that intrude into your life; the inner blare of thoughts – criticisms, resentments, voices from the past, urgent fears and exhausting anxieties that jangle as they indiscriminately scream through consciousness; and the emotional and mental rattle from a world immersed in chaos and confusion.

Noise, no matter what stripe, is in our face and seems to be simply the way life is. As we adapt to its eternal hissing and gurgling in our ears, it eventually fades into a resonant background drumming in our personal reality. Yet its effects are not benign.


Noise is the vehicle of our forgetfulness that robs us of our ability to ‘be’.


Until we have an experience of true, unimpeded silence, we have no way to understand how noise has built a wall between our autopilot existence and our ability to know the spacious presence of peace and love that we are missing. We have become so conditioned to our environment of hubbub and clamor that the thought of being without it appears impossible – maybe even scary.

When was the last time you experienced Silence? – you know, the kind of quiet that is filled with nothing but, well, “quiet” –> no music to relax you, not even soft conversation, no voices in your head spurring you to DO something, no outside noise to distract you…just Complete, Utter Silence??


Enter Breathwork…


A Breathwork session is the precise technique to lead you to the intimate, pure untouched place of your own center…the place where stillness is remembered and embraced. Just one experience of this Zen, Divine state of being can open you to the stunning awareness of just how much disquiet you swim in every day.

You can heal the chaos around you and within you by letting your breath find its way to deep serenity. The contrast is deafening as you…

•    Feel the tentacles of all the worry, fear and anger release and float away.
•    Watch as all the calamities that take you over magically melt into insignificance.
•    Dance above the roar that is your life.


When you touch this immutable silence, something in you is changed forever… The sacred calm that settles into your being from your Breathwork session becomes a touchstone that is available to you anytime. If you know and learn this, even just for a moment, you cannot unlearn it. You can overlay the experience of quiet in any circumstance and you can commit to hearing it all the time; you have a choice in how you respond to the noise that pokes at you – you can cloak yourself in the sanctuary from within and walk through any firestorm unscathed.

Nothing isn’t nothing. Nothing is something and that something is peace – Hansa


Noisy World

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