Be yourself; everyone is already taken” ~Oscar Wilde

The above quote is well-known yet it begs the questions, “What do I actually know about myself?” What does it mean to ‘be myself’? Who Am I really?”

From your birth to present day, you have been shaped by your environment that has taught how to live in accordance with its rules: what is right, wrong, good, bad; how to act so you fit in and are accepted; what you should value, believe; and what are appropriate goals to have in life if you are to be worth anything!

It’s a rather broad brushstroke that doesn’t take into account how you really are on the inside – what matters to you, how you see yourself and what fulfills you and gives you a sense of purpose and joy as you interact in the world every day. Being clear on what is important to you is the realm of self-knowledge, which is a vital component of your ability to be authentic in life.


Self-knowledge provides a path to seeing and accepting your unique personal fingerprint in this life.

Self-knowledge feeds unconditional self-love and gives you the data to courageously and honestly speak your truth without diminishing or hiding who you are.

Adapted Behaviours that prevent self-knowledge – Can you see yourself here?
  • Pleasing others
  • Doing whatever it takes to assure you fit in to a group
  • Knowing yourself by what others say about you
  • Believing what you DO is WHO YOU ARE
  • Believing that what you DO, even if you don’t like it, will magically bring you fulfillment and happiness because it is what is expected of you?

Do you have any more you can add?

Six Steps you can take to get to know yourself better?
  •  Spend time every day discovering what you enjoy and commit to doing at least one thing every day that makes you smile
  • Before you speak, ask yourself, “Is this me speaking or am I parroting someone else’s beliefs because I need to fit in? “
  • Take the time every day to support your self-worth. Note and appreciate your genuine contributions, and caring gestures to yourself and to others
  • Listen to that small voice inside. Let go of your grip on conditioned thoughts about what is important – let your inner guidance be the direction you flow
  • Do what is best for you – always inquire before you choose
  • Try this visualization exercise to open a path to your true YOU ->

Begin with the intention to know yourself more clearly.

Take a few deep conscious connected breaths (in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth).

Now as you breathe in, let the breath flow quietly and fully into your heart and mind. Let the breath awaken your thoughts, feelings and your desire to voice your deepest truth in the world.

Relax as you breathe and ask the question – what is my unique fingerprint? What is my personal fire?

Take time to let the answer rise into consciousness – it might be your humour, your caring, your work ethic. Just let the answer arise.

When you hear it, let it rest in your heart and know you can access it there any time you need a reminder.

Open your eyes and journal what you experienced. How might you bring that uniqueness to your everyday life?

When you are clear about your strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs, that knowledge feeds your ability to tap into and express your genuine truth freely.

Let the rainbow colours of your personal light shine. Celebrate and share YOU every day!

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