In the Breathwork process, access to the heart is the beautiful state that opens you to deep peace and feelings of connection to Universal Life Force or Divine Healing Energy, the WWU, World Wide Universe. Those experiences are the doorway for you to know the deepest truest, most sacred nature of your limitless potential. As you journey within the essence of your heart, you discover an intimate understanding of the true meaning of universal oneness. ~ John Stamoulos


Long before the physical brain forms in utero, the baby’s heart begins beating. At maturity, the heart develops more neural connections leading to the brain than the brain has connected to the heart. Even from the early stages of fetal development, the heart-brain connection is established as the intimate source of your ability to function physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Your heart is responsible for synchronising and maintaining a rhythm of coherence within the body as it pumps blood to every cell.
  • Research at the Heart Math Institute ( ) suggests that the heart has a profoundly unifying effect on the brain’s output during times of stress as well as in times of calm.
  • Besides regulating the brain’s responses, your heart is the seat of your highest intelligence and wisdom. From ancient times to the present, writings and teachings speak of the heart as a source of our deepest truth despite the storytelling of the mind.


‘say what is in your heart’

‘follow your heart’,

‘connect to your heart’,

‘lead from the heart’,

‘speak from the heart’,

‘consult your heart’…


Try This ->

  • Take a moment to find a quiet place to sit or lie down for a short while
  • Begin with forming a question that you need your heart’s truth to answer.
  • Hold the intention to seek the heart’s intelligence
  • Close your eyes and focus on the flow of your breath into your heart area in order to connect with your heart
  • Let your breath bring you into the presence of your heart’s energy
  • Focus on your heart center … breathe softly into the heart
  • Now ask your question of your heart and let it be carried on your breath to your heart center
  • Continue breathing softly and notice what you receive as an answer –> you may feel it as body sensations or get a one-word as an answer.

Heart wisdom is always simple and clear

  • If you do not receive a direct response, ask again
  • Be aware of what you hear, notice, see, sense as an answer without editing or making up a story about it (a sign that your ego is involved)
  • Slowly open your eyes and with gratitude for your heart’s wise response, record your answer.

Your heart’s authentic truth is always there for you and it is as easy to access as this simple exercise was to do.  

What did you receive?

How is the answer connected to what you need or want in the moment?


The heart’s energy field is many times more powerful than that of the brain. It has been measured as extending as far as 25 feet beyond the body and thus can affect others within this range.   Thus, its effects can be a powerful influence beyond your own experience.

Watch this ->

Our heart center is the link between body and spirit, instinct and inspiration. As the video indicates, conscious loving intent begins in the heart and flows through all life. When you live and act in alignment with the authentic intelligence of your heart, you are guided by compassion, empathy and giving and receiving and you flow that energy out to the world.


[The heart] is really what we call the seat of God in us. ~ Yogi Bhagavan

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