In a way, here in the physical realm, we are standing on holy ground.  When we choose to fully stand here, to ground ourselves, to be in our bodies, in our incarnate wholeness, we draw that holiness into ourselves, and we bless the earth with our own holiness.  It starts with loving being in this world as who we are.

 ~ David Spangler


Unconditional love is a familiar term to everyone and is portrayed as the ideal state within a relationship. Volumes have been written about how to achieve that level of connection with another. But, as the quote suggests, being unconditionally loving is also a wholeness state of being that harmonises self-love and embraces a relationship with all of humanity and nature. In its larger version, unconditional love is really a love affair with everything.

Unconditional self love

Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift that sets you free. Self-love gives you permission to pay attention to your needs instead of ignoring them. It invites you to reflect on and live from what is your personal truth and what is right for you. It allows you to ditch the self-criticism, and climb out of low self-esteem and crippling self-doubt in favor of becoming your own greatest friend and empowered ally.

Self-love asks that you:

  • Be kind, patient and encouraging with yourself
  • Embrace your sensitivities without shame
  • Trust your intuition and instincts to resolve challenges and be perceptive
  • Take time to slow down, reflect and listen to your inner guidance
  • Believe what you have to say matters and give yourself permission to speak up and share your opinions
  • Forgive your mistakes, honor your strengths and silence your inner critic

Unconditional love in relationship:

The greatest education and growth in life is often experienced in relationship with another. Unconditional love is the foundation upon a relationship’s strength and resilience is built. It is the ongoing, daily practice that allows you to love from the deepest most sacred part of your being.

Unconditionally loving another asks that you:

  • Have compassion when your partner is struggling or showing his/her imperfections or flaws
  • Forgive past mistakes and let go of grudges
  • Let go of ego and allow yourself to be vulnerable and honest while accepting your partner’s vulnerability and honesty too
  • Be a source of support, encouragement without expecting anything as payback for your loyalty
  • Freely embrace change and transformation of your partner with the sincere desire for their growth
  • Communicate gently and with kindness from a desire to understand your partner’s feelings, personal history and points of view
  • Suspend judgment and criticism when things take a wrong turn for your partner and be part of their healing rather than their wounding

Showing the Earth Some Unconditional Love

We receive unconditional love from the earth everyday in the form of air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and sunlight to warm us. Loving the earth back involves cherishing the bounty we have and doing so unconditionally:

  • Breathe mindfully and receive the gift of air from the earth that brings you into union with nature. Consider the miraculous unselfishness of the Earth to provide this same air to every living creature and plant on the globe without discrimination, criticism or worthiness. Everyone breathes! We all share the same air!
  • Eat mindfully with gratitude for the loving gift of nourishment you are receiving
  • Appreciate the harmony, creativity, wisdom and grace of the Earth, its cycles, and all the life it sustains with such reliability and intelligence
  • Study, engage and observe Nature in order to remain connected and in the flow of Nature’s essence and heart
  • Communicate with Mother Earth in order to understand and connect with her bounty – touch a tree, absorb the warmth of the sun
  • Embrace simplicity and minimalism as a way to reverently appreciate your relationship with the Earth

Unconditional love allows you to love yourself first, so that you have the strength of heart and mind to give the same to another person and to the Earth. Unconditional love for self, another and Mother Earth is an unselfish act of aware, authentic and pure generosity. It is the path to healing that we can all embrace.


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