Escaping and distracting ourselves from difficult thoughts, feelings and situations is one of the most natural coping mechanisms we use to deflect stress and fear.


We all use avoidance behaviors at some point in our lives to deal with the real or imagined need for self-preservation.  

Whether we –

  •  isolate from others when we don’t want to face conflict or
  •  procrastinate because we worry that our response won’t be good enough or
  •  simply don’t answer calls or texts that could be difficult or
  • engage in drug and alcohol overuse; or
  • disconnect from the harsh realities of life by disappearing into wishful thinking or daydreaming –


What is your Avoidance Behavior of choice?

The link below is a highly informative piece that gives some surprising insights into the ways in which avoidance behavior shows up in our lives. As you read, see how many examples sparks a twinge of recognition in you.


Identifying where we secretly drag our feet against actions we know we need to take is the first step in releasing the obstacles that keep us from living the best, fullest and most authentic existence we can. 


That’s where Breathwork comes in – the breath is the perfect mechanism for digging out what is under our avoidance behaviors. When we release what stops our forward motion, we can liberate what is waiting to deliver the full spectrum of colour in our lives 


breathe…release what you are avoiding… live wholly,  




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