It is so easy to get caught up in past regrets and future projections –ie- ‘the experience should have gone this way’  or  ‘what if this happens to me?’


The invitation to be in the present moment (neither looking back or ahead) is a well-known concept. However, it does not become a core value from which you operate until you can embrace what it really means to be present and strive to live from that foundation of presence moment to moment.


For example: Imagine you are in a new social situation that makes you feel uncomfortable because you are surrounded by strangers and unfamiliar energy. What thoughts, projections and emotions are in your head that feed the discomfort?  …is the unfamiliar setting generating a sense of fear? Are you noticing a compulsion to leave or run away?


If you allow the steady hand of presence to embrace you, you might perceive the situation in a completely different way that can dissolve discomfort:


  • you can choose to observe the unfamiliar situation and become aware that there is a common thread of interest that drew everyone to the venue in which you find yourself
  • in that shared experience everyone who felt like a stranger magically becomes your tribe in that moment.
  • you are blasted into now…are no longer reviving past experiences or worrying about what negative event might occur …instead, you get to see your experience as nothing more than a snippet of time in which you are enjoying common ground in the moment


Making room for the present moment in the noisy chaos of past and future thoughts is making space for free, whole and unencumbered experience – and, who doesn’t want that???



Here is a helpful read to provide simple guidelines to get you from past and future into the presence of now – where the most significant events of your life occur:


In our fast-paced world, the simple act of being present can be a profound challenge. However, understanding the art of presence is crucial to our emotional well-being. When we resist our current reality, we invite unnecessary suffering into our lives. To truly grow, we must focus on what is right in front of us.

Emotionally intelligent people have mastered the skill of being present. They enjoy the journey they’ve been on and wholeheartedly embrace the present moment before embarking on the future.

To cultivate presence, start by pausing to take a deep breath. Engage your senses and tune into your surroundings. Practice mindfulness and remove distractions that take you out of the here and now.

By embracing the art of presence, we can enrich our lives, strengthen our relationships with others, and face life’s challenges with great resilience and joy. than. Begin your journey of transformation to be fully present in each moment.

( excerpt from Emotional Intelligence forum – Facebook – Z. Alam)


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