Every single choice we make is either going to enhance the spirit or drain it. Every day, we’re either giving ourselves power or taking it away ~ Caroline Myss


Everyday most of us have the ability to make choices in life that either empower or disempower us.  I count myself very fortunate to live in a country where I am free.  I have the freedom to vote, to wear what I want, to eat what I want.

Using my freedom responsibly is like making healthy selections at a buffet.  If I choose high vibration, balanced food, I am going to feel great and I am going to feed my energy.  If, however, I only put a lettuce leaf on my plate, that’s not enough to sustain me.  Or, if I take too much food, even if it’s healthy, it is too much to digest and it causes harm.  If I choose food that is low vibration such as greasy fried offerings or that tempting cheesecake, and I choose to eat this stuff daily for a month, there are consequences: I will have low energy and may well end up carrying the results of my poor choices in extra padding on my bottom!


Responsibility is a principle that is extremely important to understand and to master in our lives. To move out of victimhood and to become empowered, we need to fully understand the possibilities and potential of being 100% responsible and accountable in our lives.


When we talk about making high choices in life, it means many things: eating good clean high vibrational food, taking care of needs and being clear and honest in communication.  Being empowered means I am consciously acting from a higher vibration, am aware of my values and am doing what aligns with what I believe, and what matters in life.

When we compromise, lie, deny, justify, react, we are not accepting responsibility for our life. We are instead acting out of victimhood and are engaging in the act of personal disempowerment.


For example, when we stay in damaging relationships, we might blame the other person for being abusive to us but, in truth, it is up to us to make the empowering move to change our circumstances.  Making that move is an act of personal responsibility and it is an act of personal empowerment.  It makes a strong statement about loving ourselves enough and having enough self-respect to stand up for ourselves.


Consider this ->

What story of your life best illustrates when you have not made a choice from an empowered position but rather from victim?  What were the outcomes? What might you have done differently?


Making the shift from Disempowerment to Empowerment:

Being Responsible is about being 100% honest with yourself and loving yourself enough to know the best alternatives for your wellbeing that are fueled by self-love, self-respect and most of all by self-trust.  In the transformative journey to empowerment, you have the option to awaken to who is ultimately in charge of your life –ie- the person who looks back at you every morning in the mirror.


Breathe into your empowered life and thrive,


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