The highest form of love is consideration

When someone thinks about how things would make you feel

Pays attention to detail

Holds you in regard when making decisions that could affect you

In any bond, how much they care about you can be found in how much they consider you

Kira J



When someone truly considers you, they engage in a profound exercise of emotional intelligence, foreseeing the impact of their actions on your well-being.


At its core, consideration involves paying attention to the details that matter. It’s about noticing the subtle nuances of your preferences, quirks, and desires. Whether it’s remembering your favorite coffee order or anticipating your reaction to a surprise, consideration demonstrates an unparalleled level of attentiveness and care.

When someone holds you in regard when making choices that could affect you, it reflects a deep sense of respect and affection. They weigh your feelings and perspectives, valuing your input as integral to the equation.


In any relationship – be it romantic, platonic, or familial – the currency of consideration speaks volumes about the depth of love present. It serves as a litmus test, revealing the sincerity and authenticity of the bond. Those who genuinely care about you will go to great lengths to ensure that their actions align with your best interests.  When you find yourself with someone who consistently demonstrates consideration towards you, cherish them, for they embody the highest form of love.


Consideration stands as the apex of forms of love. It is the embodiment of empathy, mindfulness, and respect – qualities that enrich and fortify the bonds we share with others.


For thoughtful consideration – breathe into the love within you and act from that place!



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