An inner happiness abode in all

A sense of universal harmonies

A measureless secure eternity

Of truth and beauty and good and joy made one ~ Sri Aurobindo


Higher thoughts…higher energies.. Higher vibrations…higher frequencies

Crafting intentional happiness in your life requires a blend of self-awareness and mindful living. In grabbing happiness with intention, it’s significant to recognize the power of our thoughts and actions, cultivate gratitude for the present moment, embrace the beauty and grace in imperfection and acknowledge that happiness is a deeply personal state of choice that requires action.

One of the most important of these is allowing yourself to honor your individuality and embrace what lights up your soul – spend time in nature? Pursue creative passions? Nurture meaningful relationships?


The path includes a constant review of your happiness checklist – every day, every hour, every minute AND reminding yourself that one of your greatest companions of intention is the breath:

Breathe – Count your blessings with gratitude –

Breathe – Smile – it will influence your brain

Breathe – Speak the language of happy – repeat affirmations

Breathe – Wake up early

Breathe – Don’t complain – choose the process of peace – one day, hour, minute at a time!

Breathe – inspire yourself

Breathe – Admire your strengths

Breathe – Eat healthy

Breathe – Treat yourself and others with respect and non-judgment

Breathe – Acknowledge pain as hidden potential

Breathe – Take time to reflect and be in silence

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