You can’t calm the storm…so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass ~ Timber Hawkeye

These sudden changing times have us traveling through uncharted waters that are frightening, scary and completely surreal. It has become challenging to know who or what to believe in the flood of information and disinformation we receive on a daily basis. We need to dig into our wellbeing toolkits to find what we need to do to keep us resilient, hope-filled, loving, and conscious.

One such tool to maintain internal peace is affirmations.

Affirmations are repeated, positive statements, set in the present time that harness the power of your subconscious mind to produce a desired result. They work because of THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. When you give your subconscious mind a new thought (cause), it immediately begins the process of bringing that thought into reality (effect). Change your subconscious mind and you create a cascade of change that pours into your physical life.


Affirmations and the Coronavirus pandemic – A Message from John 

I have been listening to my Health, Wellness & Vitality affirmation CD. It focuses on your innate self-healing power by helping you learn to love yourself unconditionally and by assisting you to change your thoughts to life-supporting beliefs. I created this CD years ago to help give me comfort during some major life-struggles. It seems that times like these are definitely in need of this same type of comfort.

I find myself listening to the CD any time I take a nap or when I go to sleep at night. It allows me to take something positive to sleep with me rather than letting my subconscious absorb the fear that is abundant on the planet right now. Since I have started using this CD, I have noticed that I sleep much deeper and I can use these affirmations daily to help me manage the stress and anxiety of continuing bad news in the world.


Other supportive options for health and wellbeing is stressful times:
  • Breathe:
    • deep breathe to release the energy of stress and fear. Use measured breaths to count of 4 for inbreath, hold and outbreath
    • book a remote Breathwork session. Contact a certified Breathworker to book your session. This is one of the most powerful actions you can take to let go of the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety
  • Find ways to be calm and to nurture yourself:
    • Spend time in nature – give yourself a break from the fear, enjoy the dependability of nature’s rhythm
    • Meditate – touch into your intuition and higher wisdom,
    • Engage in relaxation activities – walk, yoga
    • Try any of these physical wellbeing techniques for stress relief:
    • Be grateful on a daily basis
    • Laugh – settle in to watch a comedy movie
    • Focus on hope and positivity
  • Acknowledge rather than deny or feel ashamed of your stress and your feellings.. Be curious about what the emotions may hold for you in terms of healing – use your breath to let go of the emotions as you are ready.
  • Stay connected
    • to your loved ones – stay in touch and offer support
    • Help where you can while still remaining safe, consider remote work and support or donations to charities to help others

The noise of panic and fear can drowned out the deeper wisdom that is trying to be heard. As we collectively clamor to find safety for ourselves and our loved ones in the face of a tsunami of illness that now encircles our planet, it is difficult to see ourselves quietly tuning in to our inner knowing so that we can eventually emerge from this pandemic experience all the stronger and wiser for having been in it.

See through the wisdom of your own soul. Close your physical eyes. Use your inner vision…the eyes of your soul.~ spiritual bliss


Stay in love! Stay focused and listen to your own inner wisdom. It is the antidote to fear,

Be Well,


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