The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper                  ~ W.B. Yeats


There is a grace and art to being a grateful receiver and it sources from opening the heart to the flow of love, inspiration and goodness as it comes to you. Embracing abundance in your life requires that you are open to receive. Sadly, we all have been culturally conditioned to give more to others than we have been to let other give to us and this can be a huge block to making the space for the energy of prosperity to flow to you.

Receiving and giving are intimately connected and interdependent. A giver needs a receiver, a receiver needs a giver and both are essential elements in the ability to generate a life of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abundance.


6 Simple Steps to Becoming More Receptive


Say Thank You – Give back to someone who gives to you by noticing what they do and expressing gratitude.   That includes the services you receive every day that might be taken for granted – store clerks, polite drivers, restaurant servers. Acknowledge a passing stranger’s smile or greeting with the same.


Accept ComplimentsOpen the door to receiving more in life by practicing receptivity to someone’s compliments or offer of support. Part of learning how to receive requires pushing through any discomfort and accepting the good that others want to give you.


Feel Grateful – find at least 5 things every day that you are thankful for and take the time to appreciate each one: the sunshine, a delicious cup of coffee, the trees or plants in your environment, your family, spouse, home.


Be Still – Breathe – Allow Receptivity – Sometimes tugging, pulling and forcing an outcome is not the approach. Being open to a solution requires getting out of your own way to patiently wait for and expect the results or answers to come to you. Take moments in your day to consciously breathe in possibility and trust that the work of fulfilment of your desires is being done.


Let Go of Wanting – Embrace DesireWhen you are attached to outcomes you are wanting. That longing creates suffering, anxiety and control, which constrict your ability to receive. Embracing your passion and surrendering to desire is a different and higher vibration, which is essential to opening the channel of receiving. “Pure desire is divine fuel that attracts that which you are desiring.” ~ Ram Dass


Open to Change – The scientific principle of the brain’s neuroplasticity reflects your ability to change, adapt and grow and unless you are willing to receive a different perspective, you life cannot follow the path of abundance. It’s never too late or impossible to let go of old beliefs, habits and behaviours in favour of stepping into a new life.

  • Find ways to refresh and pause – be receptive to self-care
  • Focus on the feeling of your desire for a new life and see it living in every fiber of your essence – invite it into your life fully and participate with your future self in the vision.
  • Make room for transformation by pushing yourself past your comfort zone – let there be moments in each day that scare you a bit.


The ability to receive moves you through the fears or distrust you might feel about actually achieving your dreams and desires. As a practice, being receptive steps you into a new world that brings the vast potential of manifesting into your life ~ Breathe it in – Feel its presence living within you and let yourself receive!


By surrendering, you create an energy field of receptivity for the solution to appear ~ Wayne Dyer

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