Suppression occurs when we have no voice, are restricted from honestly expressing what we are feeling or are not able to authentically be who we are. Allowing suppression into our lives completely drains our vitality and energy. Its long-term effects include loss of self-esteem, mental anguish, inability to experience joy in our lives…and…loss of access to our true feelings and essence.

The experience of suppression can be overt or subtle and can take the form of abusive and damaging language, dismissive behaviours towards us or manipulation of our emotions that cause us to roller coaster. It can come from our parents, our families, our friends and co-workers.

Change Suppression’s Influence Over You

This one-day intensive workshop is focused on helping you become aware of the invalidating presence of suppression when it occurs. It will give you the tools to identify and deal with people who suppress you and will support you to normalize your triggered emotions so you can restore peaceful balance in your life.

In a safe and nurturing environment, John Stamoulos will lead you through self-awareness exercises including a powerful Breathwork session that:

  • Identify suppression and provides understanding of its damaging effects.
  • Point out invalidating language and shows how it affects you as a form of psychological abuse.
  • Teach you how to not let other people invite you on-board the ‘emotional roller coaster’ because of their suppressive behaviours.
  • Demonstrate how not to allow other people to suppress you and
    Show you how to resist invalidation by others.
  • Provide coping strategies to self-protection by
    • Being more upscale in life
    • Enforcing boundaries
    • Discovering your clear sense of self-love and self -respect.
    • Learning how to be healthy – in all aspects of our life.
  • Give you the Language to handle difficult people and the courage to speak from your truth with compassion
  • Illustrate how to be Clear in communication.
  • Help you discover how to Restore and maintain your balance in life.
  • Invite you to live outside the entangled boundaries of the co-dependent triangle of victim, persecutor or rescuer.

With John’s deep loving intention and his skilful guidance you are given these gifts to walk away with:

  • Tools to deal with difficult and energy draining people.
  • A deeper understanding of suppressive and invalidating behaviours.
  • The ability to create new boundaries that keep you safe.
  • The courage and the voice to live a balanced and more empowered life.

More freedom, more energy, more voice and more aliveness for you

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