21 Nov 2015 | John Stammoulos |

For things to change first I must change

Change is an inevitable part of life. You are born, grow up, enter into relationships, forge careers, have children, age and experience loss and death.   Whether it comes in the form of conscious choices to live a new way or as unexpected events, tragic loss or upheaval in your life, every shift asks you to re-structure your perspectives and behaviours so you can evolve.

One of the biggest obstacles to change lies overcoming the inertia of your ego.

Ego’s job is to keep you safe and change of any kind is perceived as a threat to that safety. Thus, stepping into change can be fearful when ego’s inner messages want to hold you back.

Successfully meeting life’s redirects means finding tools that support you to adapt, to override the ego’s anxiety and to embrace the change.

Get moving!  Introduce new routines and behaviours each day:

  • Begin daily workouts;
  • Clean out your home -remove clutter and re-organise;
  • Take a different route to work or appointments
  • You can simply wear your watch on your opposite wrist for a day.

Give yourself the space to reflect and embrace the changes

  • Meditate to create calm and connect with Higher Self
  • Use Affirmations to support new thoughts.
  • Journal for release and clarity
  • Place daily inspirational reminders to support positive change

Use the power of your Breath to break up and release blockages

  • Set up a Breathwork session to help let go of fear and self-doubt.
    • Try this simple 3 minute breathing exercise:
      • Notice a place on your body where your energy feels clear
      • Breathe in and out as you focus on that spot
      • Spread that clarity to your whole body with your breath and see it breaking up blocks as you breathe


Take responsibility for your future. Be the artist of your life

  • Take courses, reach out to mentors, design your own path, trust in your capability to succeed.
  • Try this exercise:
    • Compare a picture of yourself from 10 years ago and now. What has happened in the interim to create the YOU of today?
    • What do you want your life to look like in 1 year? 5 years?
    • Breathe that image in and lovingly send it with your breath to every cell of your body.

We are energy after all and while it is a basic law of physics that energy cannot be destroyed, it can be changed to different forms.  You have that power – Feel free to use it!

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