1 Sep 2015 | John Stamoulos

Our conscious relationships provide profound and sacred opportunities to heal and grow.  When confrontations arise, we can use them to heal the deeper issues that are often triggered in the discord.

It’s never the clothes lying on the floor that are to blame.

If we open to our inner intelligence, we may find an old wound, an unmet need, or a crossed boundary lurking underneath that annoying pile of laundry that we just tripped over!

Restoring equilibrium and peace is the focused goal that requires compassion, understanding, awareness and…honest communication.

Here are 5 Steps to help restore Love’s Highest Vibration in your life …

  1. Create a safe and free space where you can share
  2. Set ‘Fair Play’ Rules – no exiting, no stonewalling and no hiding true feelings
  3. Choose your words carefully and listen deeply – listen to your partner and share your perspective clearly and respectfully in order to reach a mutual understanding.
  4. Be patient. Agree to take a break if need be – you can always re-visit the issue at a later time.
  5. Seek outside help if necessary – find a Breathworker who can assist in resolution with a breath session for you together or individually.

The cornerstone of a conscious relationship is its commitment to open, heart-based connection and sharing. It takes your undivided attention, authentic intention and purest honesty to see and honour the God that exists in each other.

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