Have you ever been blindsided by a ‘moment’ when some external event triggered a shocking avalanche of negative reactions within you? You might have noticed yourself saying and doing things that were totally out of character and it may have even generated physical distress.

When we collide with a ‘hot button’, the result is a damaging eruption of self-criticism that has us believing the Big Fat Lies that spew forth in our consciousness from an out of control, wounded part of us. In truth, it is the empty echo chamber of our Ego that refuses to let go of old traumas (including our birth) that leave us believing we are flawed or fake and that ‘not enough’ is simply who we are. Our Ego’s rant sucks the energy out of the present and leaves us grasping for uprightness in the void that suffocates our fire and leaves us with no ability to see our wholeness, perfection or our truth.


How do we restore balance? Remember Love…

When our Ego axes our heart connection, it stops the flow of love to the wounded parts of us that are desperately asking for healing. We can take action to restore and rejoin with the pure unimpeded love of our undisturbed innocence:


Breathe :

Imagine breathing into the emptiness of your pain. With each conscious breath, reach toward the broken connection and allow your breath to weave it back together. From the resonance of the infinite pool of Divine love within you, invite balance and flow to restore your self-love and self-worth.


Ho’oponopono mantra :

I love you, (open your heart and look into your physical eyes as you speak)
I am sorry (for any harm generated – commit to do no harm to yourself or others)
Please Forgive me (for doubting your perfection)
Thank you – for the lesson


Affirmations : (link to the free Affirmations book)

I am willing to see the perfection of my imperfections (and the potential in both)
I have created everything in my life with love and wisdom (every moment is an opportunity to evolve to a greater expression of love)
I am willing to love myself totally


With each exercise, you add another golden thread to the omnipresent love in your heart …

Let go
Embrace Joy
Be Love
Be Peace


“Love thrives when it comes from the wellspring of our own heart and flows out to those with whom we connect.”

Be Well

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