When you raise your vibration, all that is not in alignment will naturally leave your life ~ anonymous


Energy is the source and the building block of everything in your life, including you! At your core, you are simply a collection of vibrating frequencies. Your thoughts (and choices) are forms of this energy that are reflected in your life as outcomes and experiences.


Thought is Creative

When you struggle, find that things are overwhelming to deal with or you feel like life is just ‘hard’, your life has a negative quality to it and will resonate at a low frequency. Conversely, when your life seems in flow, empowered and joy-filled and you are able to manifest your desires with relative ease, your frequency is operating at a high vibration.


Try this ->

Take a moment to consider some of the most memorable positive experiences in your life. If you think about the top moment, how did it make you feel?

Now think of a time that was most memorable in a negative sense. How did that make you feel?

When you experience high vibrational energy in your life, you feel light, empowered and have greater clarity, inner peace and loving joy.

Your Vibration is not Fixed. You Can Raise It – Here’s How:
  • Keep your body operating optimally – get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, get a massage and/or go to an acupuncturist
  • Be inspired – read uplifting books, connect with high vibrational visionary people who nourish, encourage and support you, make your home a sacred sanctuary, spend as much time in Nature as you can
  • Attune to a higher power through daily practices – meditate, dance, do yoga (Tip: try child’s pose to restore and heal), attend a sound bath workshop to open receptivity, strive to connect with the higher energies of God/Great Spirit,
  • Be of service – serve humanity by doing what you love, find opportunities to be kind and generous by supporting others
  • Love yourself – be grateful, kind and self-compassionate, release the need to criticise yourself or others, avoid drama (yours and others), honour your feelings, say no when you must, and live from your soul
  • Breathe – Become mindful and aware – engage calming processes like Breathwork to open up and listen to yourself, look at results of your actions and thoughts: ‘What am I thinking to get this?’ ‘How am I creating this by my choices?~
Take The Challenge :

Choose three items from the list above and commit to doing them each day for one week.

Share your experience by responding to the comments. I would love to hear how it goes!


When you know how to make high vibration choices you respond rather than react to life. Acting consciously can become the habit that raises your energy, defines your personal power and ultimately delivers the highest level of joy.


Be well, live lightly!




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