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The following piece was shared with me from a very dear friend and colleague, Kerry Zurier. Kerry is an extraordinary international coach, trainer and business leader who works with thousands of individuals, groups, and businesses globally. She is a Master Certified Coach, a ‘Money and You’ lead instructor and a Senior Program Leader of Accomplishment Coaching, an organization dedicated to training coaches internationally. Kerry lives in the United States and shared her thoughts on the current protests/riots that have erupted in her country due to the murder of a black man, George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer. The racism issue throughout the world is not new just as racial violence against others is not new. But, what is new is the way in which George Floyd’s death has sparked a global response of solidarity and support for those who suffer oppression.

Kerry has been a Money and You colleague for many years. Together, we have shared a deep connection with the work and principles upon which Money and You was founded. I feel that Kerry’s perspective on the relationship between Money and You’s teachings and the heartbreakingly sad and painful events in the USA are very much worth the read.

I appreciate her permission to share this with you all.

Thank you, Kerry:

As a Money and You instructor, it is my responsibility to be responsible. I know that the world is watching and witnessing what is happening currently in my beloved country. As is my practice, I turn to the foundation of the principles of Money and You to gain some perspective, learning and to inform who I will be about the circumstances.

How do you play win/win in what appears to be a win/lose world?

This is a reminder to all of us that there are times when we have to not be wimps.

Money and You is ultimately about cooperation and how to make the world work for all of humanity. All of the principles we lead and all of the distinctions in Money and You work together to create a blueprint of principles to practice and regenerate over and over again. [my emphasis]

When we truly understand the Keys to Cooperation, we get that the clearest and highest way to create cooperation is to speak and act for Brightness of the Future and Frequency of Interaction so as to pave the way for the highest intention of cooperation. This builds trust, creates integrity, and brings an aligned vision to the people playing.

However, it can never be truly created in traditional power dynamics.

When brightness of the future isn’t reciprocated, or even acknowledged. When someone is only playing for their own brightness of the future and completely devalues, ignores and systemically disenfranchises others futures, there is no brightness of the future.

When frequency of interaction is based in a power dynamic of “I am better than you,” “I control you,” “You have no rights,” “You don’t matter,” or “You don’t exist to me,” this isn’t frequency of interaction, It is power and control and enforced trauma.

This is when the 3rd key comes into play…provocability.

When someone is consistently coming at you with a force, and communication, alignment, interaction, cooperation, civility, compassion, respect, etc. are landing on deaf ears, we turn to provocability.

I am not a fan of rioting, looting or destruction of property (which in many cases is being perpetrated by infiltrators trying to escalate the tensions). However I am a fan of the use of provocability to protest when enough is enough. When one more person has been murdered by the obscene use of power, it is time to say ENOUGH. It is time to come back at a force at, or slightly less than, the force that is coming at you. It is time to create and cause a paradigm shift that benefits ALL humanity.

I don’t like what is happening. I do not condone violence. But I do understand the outrage, like I understand that putting a lit match to dry kindling will cause a fire. Our job is to ensure that the match is based on the principles of cooperation and integrity and use them in the way they are intended: For the world to work.

Rest in peace, George Floyd. You will not be forgotten.
Black Lives Matter. We all deserve to breathe.”

Kerry Zurier
Master Certified Coach,
Leadership Team
Accomplishment Coaching

Be well,

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