Prayer is an open, inclusive, and accessible practice that helps create healthy lives through the power of awareness and intention. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


As you speed through each mind-boggling day hurrying from task to task, life can take on a rather fractured perspective that leaves little clarity. We are often consumed by the need to somehow manage all that physical reality throws at us and rarely have any ‘down time’ without some level of frenzy still churning inside. When you seek to access the silence and peace that you intuitively know exists at your essence and when you want to open to change and transformation in your life, prayer is one of the most powerful methods you can use.


Prayer, at its most spiritual level represents a way to tap in to the Universe within you where there is peace, where all things are possible, and where what you want is already manifest.


Prayer is a form of focused meditation that drives your concentration inward but also makes you aware that you are part of a greater consciousness that is so much bigger than who you see yourself to be in your everyday life. When you pray, you tap into a channel of high vibration that connects you to your higher self, your lineage and your God (Universe, higher power). In those moments of connection, you access a completely new level of existence where limitless possibility is available to you. Once you access that level of awareness, you have opened that door to manifesting positive outcomes in your life.



“Generally speaking, asking for anything through prayer does require the creating of an inner receptivity to all positive outcomes. It needs us to tap into appreciation and gratitude so that our personal vibration is lifted up to the heart’s energy of love, which creates powerful solutions in our lives.

Appreciation in prayer is the same vibration as the answer to a prayer” ~ Abraham Hicks


How to Allow Effective Prayer into Your Life
  • Become more receptive: Begin by generating more ease, becoming more playful, engaging in regular self-care that includes getting more sleep and accessing deep, restorative rest.
  • Acknowledge that Divinity is part of you: Cultivate a loving, intuitive, creative and joyful and worthy environment within you so that your communication in prayer comes from a place of open hearted, equal footing with the Universal creative forces.
  • Become a vessel of gratitude: Find as many moments as possible in your day to be grateful. There are an infinite number of opportunities to acknowledge all the blessings you are given – chance meetings, family, friends, food, and the wonders all around you.
  • Acknowledge the blessings of your present situation: Release resistance to whatever feels like an obstacle to your desires. Be accepting of your present situation and reflect on the possibility that it may ultimately be leading you to new opportunities.
  • Hold intentions for the highest good: Whatever circumstance brought to prayer, ask that its resolution be in the highest good for all. Allow yourself to believe and imagine a clear solution that you can envision, feel and expand into on a soul level.
  • Let the Universe do its work: As part of being receptive, stay open to your intention manifesting in innovative and even better ways than you might have held as a vision. Trust that your union with your highest self, ancestors and your higher power will deliver on your heart-filled focus.


As you reflect inwardly and recognize the most intimate intention for your highest good, the outcomes will flow to you in alignment with your truest essence. When you are open and receptive, it is a law of the Universe in which you fully participate.



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