Being healthy is a revolutionary act


When your body is well cared for and respected, it provides a reliable and strong foundation that you can trust to support your full participation in life. A healthy body builds resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem into your ability to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

Generating and maintaining whole health within your body, requires:

  • taking personal responsibility for your self-care
  • taking the time to become aware of and understand your own body’s unique needs
  • commitment to regular exercise
  • following a nutritional diet
  • getting sufficient, restful sleep
  • living in a supportive physical environment


6 Questions to Assess Your Level of Physical Wellness ->

Can you identify areas that you need to work on to support your body to function optimally?

  • How energetic do you feel daily?
  • Do you recover from minor illness (colds, flus) easily?
  • What type of food is your first choice when eating?
  • How many hours of sleep a night do you get on average?
  • Do you exercise regularly and focus on your specific fitness goals?
  • How compatible and supportive is your living space?


4 Elements of Physical Well-Being

1] High vibration nutrition

Our bodies are made up of energy and require energy in the form of food and water to keep us alive. The higher the energy in the foods we eat, the greater the benefit to our bodies. High vibration foods are colourful, tasty and organic and include fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs, natural sugars (raw honey, maple syrup) and nuts and seeds.

In order to eat the highest vibration foods:

  • Buy locally whenever possible – for highest energy and freshness
  • Eat seasonal and organic foods
  • Prepare and cook food slowly, with presence, love and joy
  • Before and during consumption, bless and be grateful for what you are eating


2] Self-Care

Healing the Body

There are an infinite number of choices for body healing practices. Ancient techniques such as acupuncture, Ayurvedic protocols; body work and massage from healers; and treatments from modern complementary and alternative medicine practitioners who are at the leading of the latest discoveries. Everyone has a unique combination of healing processes that work. These processes change with age as well and require updating.

It is important for you to take the time to read, explore and be your own health detective. What regular healing practices do you incorporate into your health regimen? Regular massage? Acupuncture? Detox ?


Optimal sleep is 8 hours a night. When you sleep, your body repairs and regenerates. The quality of that healing is equal to the quality of your sleep. Improve your sleep with a good mattress, proper ventilation in your room, calming practices before sleep.


 Being conscious of breathing deeply helps oxygen reach the lower parts of our lungs, which can support a more complete exchange of oxygen and thus providing greater energy for any effort such as during exercise.

Slow, conscious, measured breathing can calm stress and anxiety and the ‘fight or flight’ responses in the sympathetic nervous system and damaging cortisol production.


3] Exercise

Physical fitness means different things to each person. Some are interested in having a perfect body, some just want to feel more mobile, and others simply want to have more energy. Exercise practices can cover the gamut from workouts at the gym, group workout classes, yoga, pilates, running, to home practices.

Healthy exercise should include weight workouts for muscle strength, cardio for heart and lung strength, stretching for flexibility and metabolic programs to burn excess fat.


4] Environment

Wellness for your body extends to your living space as well. It is significant to physical health to have the home where you eat the high vibration food and sleep your restful sleep be an energetic match for you.

In order to support a home that supports you – here are a few suggestions:

  • Declutter – organise what you have and discard what you no longer need
  • Arrange your home for free flowing space
  • Add ambience with scents and décor that appeals to you
  • Keep chemicals and synthetics to a minimum – clean with non-toxic products
  • Set up an area where you can have complete privacy and quiet
  • Use plants to bring nature indoors


 Your body is always going to give you signs of what needs attention. The trick is to pay attention and recognize when you need to make changes to your lifestyle to create physical health and well-being.

 Young blonde woman working out with dumbbells in beautiful natureThe body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak. ~ Louise Hay




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