Overthinking will not just kill your mind but it will also kill your heart, your soul, your mood, your magic and love ~ r.m. drake


Besides the external assaults on your mental health that can include stress of work, finances, family responsibilities and staying healthy in a pandemic world, the greatest battle you fight every day may come from within if you are an overthinker.

The link to an article from Psychology Today clearly offers a window into how insidious overthinking can become.  Such internal activities as:

  • Rumination and worry over negative thoughts that pop you’re your head
  • Analysing thoughts to which you assign negative or non-existent deeper meaning
  • Incessant monitoring and evaluating of your thoughts that leads to a paralysis of action


Living in your overactive thought prison can take a huge emotional toll on your sense of wellbeing. When your mind becomes the messy home for relentless analysis, it plants the seeds that grow into stress and anxiety and can rob you of your joy and overall sense of healthy balance and wellbeing.


The article suggests some great ways to recognize and deal with any tendencies of your mind to exhaustively overanalyze and obsessively overthink:

  • Know your triggers
  • Become aware of your overthinking
  • Understand the futility of the grind of relentless thought
  • Disengage


I would add that connecting to the calming and releasing qualities of the Breathwork process is another powerful action step that can inspire you to move away from the mental overwhelm as it releases and heals the old thought cycles that keep you trapped.  

There is a vitally significant reason to interrupt the automatic overthinking habits that have become an inherent part of your stress, anxiety and inner exhaustion – you hold the key to release yourself and embrace inner peace over inner chaos.

You can read this excellent article here:



You do not need to always conceptualize, interpret or label everything that comes into your awareness ~ Eckhart Tolle


Be well,

Calm your thoughts,    Breathe for Your Inner Peace,






















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