One on One Breathwork sessions are conducted in privacy, where you will be guided to explore and transform any life issues in the loving supportive presence of John Stamoulos. He provides a safe and sacred space in which you are encouraged to share what you need to share and where you can be assured of compassionate sensitivity to your concerns.

This 3- hour session begins with an in-depth form you are given to complete. The interview lasts from 1 to 1 ½ hours and expands on the information from the questionnaire you filled out, discusses your personal history and helps you emerge intentions for the session.

Once the interview is complete and an intention identified, your session with John will be conducted with you lying down comfortably and breathing with the conscious connected breath. This technique involves a continuous inhale and exhale with no pauses and is fully guided by John. With inspiring music as background, this portion of the session lasts approximately one hour and deals with any issues that surface for healing. You are fully aware of all that is happening and always supported by John’s experienced and loving guidance.

At the conclusion of the Breath Session, John will spend additional time with you to help you integrate your experience and assure that you take what you want to take away from the session.

It is generally recommended that you commit to 10 Breathwork Sessions as a way to facilitate the deep work necessary to bring about healing on all levels –physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Whatever life issues brought you to Breathwork, your sessions will provide a clearing process to create change and transformation.

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