All the True Vows

are secret vows.

The ones we speak out loud

are the ones we break.

~David Whyte


Making the commitment to live in integrity with your heart’s truth begins with your daily actions and how well you live in alignment with your values and beliefs.  It’s a New Year and a good time to reflect on your present life situation, to reassess your self-knowledge and to focus on any new steps you may want to take so that you keep moving forward on a course that is authentic and a mirror of your honest, unaltered desires.


What better time for this self-reflection and future planning than a New Year? 


The Exercise


Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Bring a journal with you and prepare to spend some sacred time just for you. 


As you settle in comfortably, take a few deep, focusing breaths.  Let yourself become present to the moment.  With each breath in, introduce calm relaxation and spaciousness/ with each breath out, release self-doubt, guilt and fear or anything that can get in the way of your clarity.


Have the intention to be open and accepting…to trust that what you answer to the following 10 questions is from your highest vibration and for the cultivation of your highest potential in the coming year.


The Questions


1] What experiences (relationship, health, career, travel, etc.) of this past year were most significant for you and why?


2] What did you learn from those experiences or any other events from the past year?


3] What made you happy in the past year? What was most positive for you?


4] What caused you sadness or grief in the past year? What was most negative for you?


5] What did you learn about your strengths, weaknesses, awareness, emotional maturity etc. from your experiences of 3 and 4 above?


6] What needs your forgiveness and release from the past year? Where might you have sabotaged your success or hurt yourself or others?


7] What needs to be celebrated and kept in your heart from the past year?


8]  What unhelpful thoughts or beliefs from the past year do you want to change in 2024? What will changing those thoughts or beliefs do for you?


9]  List the visions you are committed to pursuing in 2024? (Make these visions both inspiring so that you are encouraged to work toward them and realistic to ensure they are doable.)


10] How can you get out of your own way and stay open to possibility even if you encounter challenges in the coming year?  What tools can you use (affirmations, breathwork, massage, regular self-assessment, education) to keep yourself on track?


11] What one word can encapsulate your focus for 2024?



 Breathe:  – your focus word and your vision for 2024 –  imagine your Vows (focus word and vision for 2024) making their way to a safe and sacred part of your heart where they will be your silent and watchful guide throughout the year. 





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