Our human journey offers relationship, be it casual or intimate, as one of the most compelling and challenging aspects of our existence.

This workshop looks at the dynamics of relationships in your life – not only with others but also with yourself. It will reveal the underpinnings of old paradigms that unconsciously hold you back from experiencing fulfilling and authentic relationships. It focuses on opening up new thought and perspectives that create empowered, sacred and meaningful connections to mutually support the highest vibration of love.

Discover Your Relationship Patterns and Unconscious Behaviors

Where did you learn about relationship?

What are your beliefs about relationship?

What blocks are in the way of you having the kind of connections in your life that you long to experience?

These and many other questions will be addressed as you engage in empowering and enlightening discussions that:

  • Reveal the childhood connection to your present day relationship issues.
  • Look at the parental and cultural connections in developing relationships.
  • Discover the unconscious behaviours that sabotage your relationship success.
  • Examine the patterns that thread through all your relationships.
  • Connect and unearth your vital and significant relationship with yourself.

Rewrite and Reset – The New Paradigm for Conscious Loving Relationships

What are some of the most foundational aspects of a thriving conscious relationship that promotes growth and deep connection for all?

We will break down for you the thoughts, behaviors and actions that combine to invite sacred and peaceful relationships with yourself and others in your life.

You will learn about:

  • Taking 100% responsibility in relationships and ditching the blame game.
  • Becoming powerful in relationships in order to have equal and loving interactions.
  • Having boundaries, agreements and supportive communication.
  • Healing codependency and jealousy.

Workshop Logistics

  • This workshop can be customized to one or two days in length depending on the size of the group attending and the depth of the group’s desire.
  • You will be given a workbook with the outline of the workshop to keep for future reference and guidance.
  • There will be an optional Group Breathwork session at the end of the workshop to help release issues of past relationships and free up space for new connections.

A Message from John

The historic loving relationships that we learned from our childhood, our parents and our culture are in need of remodeling. Join me as I assist you in taking the steps to change what no longer serves you. My heartfelt hope is that you are freed to embrace the meaningful connections in your life with greater consciousness, compassion and understanding.

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