In recent years with his expanding work in Southeast Asia, John has developed an extraordinary forum to introduce Breathwork to large groups of several hundred interested participants. These Mega Breathwork sessions are available to gatherings from 100 to 600 people and up.

Mega Breathwork sessions are adapted to provide an introduction to Breathwork that follows the gimage2eneral structure of a One on One session. In preparation for the breath session, guided, interactive exercises and meditations are used to create sacred space, establish a sense of safety and promote a comfortable community connection. The breath session itself can be experienced either seated or lying down. There are Breathworkers and experienced people handpicked by John to support the participants’ needs during these sessions. Mega Breathwork sessions are usually facilitated over 4 to 5 hour.

Following the breathing segment of the process, anyone who wishes to share his/herexperience is invited to express their discoveries in the group de-brief.

Despite the large numbers of people being supported in this venue, these Mega Breathwork sessions still provide noticeable shifts in self-awareness that opens the door to lasting healing and self-love for some.

John is available to deliver Mega Breathwork processes as a stand-alone experience or as part of a larger venue where an emotional component of a presentation would add emphasis and depth to a workshop or seminar. Feel free to contact him for a consultation about your requirements.

One day, everyone will recognize the power of their own breath ~ John Stamoulos

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