Dreams are the language of the mind that, when understood, are a pure source of inner guidance that can be applied to your everyday life. Dreams are a communication from the inner self to the outer self that serve as keys to greater and greater self-awareness and contribute to well-being in our physical lives.

  • What is a dream?
  • Why do I dream?
  • How can I remember my dreams?
  • Are there messages for me in my dreams that I need to understand or are dreams simply a release mechanism for my life experience?
  • What are nightmares?
  • What are pre-cognitive dreams?
  • What is lucid dreaming and what is its value?

Discover the Gifts of Your Dreams

This basic introductory half-day seminar gives you some tools and information to begSlide5in to understand the dream process and to interpret your own dreams.

You will learn how to:

  • Begin to decipher and use the language of the mind to make sense of your subconscious mind’s messages.
  • Identify dream details that will give you the basic text for studying and applying them to your everyday life.
  • Look at dream symbols and determine what they mean.
  • Use your dreams to process events in your everyday consciousness.
  • Understand and define the phenomenon of Lucid dreaming.
  • Define what nightmares are and uncover their significance
  • Activate tips and tricks to help you remember your dreams through such waking state exercises as focusing your attention
  • Understand the intuitive nature of dreams -both their immense practical value and their entertaining, magical qualities.
    • Capture the brilliance and genius of dream
    • Utilize the problem solving nature of dream
    • Understand the prophetic nature of dream
    • Begin to cultivate inner peace by establishing subconscious rapport through dream

If we accept their importance, take the time learn their language and to examine and be curious about them, our dreams can become a vital link in the progress of our personal evolution and a step in speeding our spiritual growth.

Join John on this intriguing and empowering exploration as you discover the wisdom that awaits you in your dreams.

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