I give up freely what is no longer serving me. I release it to create space for what inspires me. ~ Becoming Minimalist


From early in life, you are set up for stress and busyness. You are taught that being productive and securing possessions leads directly to happiness, self-esteem and survival. No surprise then that you end up consuming mega-amounts of time trying to manage a demanding life that is filled with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clutter.

In the chaos of your endless effort, you become a stressed, overwhelmed, and fearful slave to your life. You lose touch with what matters to your heart and soul and what really delivers an inner sense of peace, safety and well-being to your life.


Very often, we have been so busy being busy that we have not taken time to even consider what is really important to us – Becomingminimalist.com


What Is Important to you?

 In your effort to keep up with everything that is demanded of you, it is difficult to discern what is important. You adopt everyone else’s assignment of what matters and fail to define what really truly matters to you in your life. Those few values are the essential guide to making space and living through your personal inspiration.


Try this ->

Sit quietly in a comfortable place. Take a few deep, calming breaths. Quietly ask these questions:

 What really matters to me?

How much of what matters to me has been lost in the busyness of my life?

What is important to my deepest most authentic self?

Could I use – Less stuff? Less consumerism? More time and freedom to pursue personal goals rather than those set out for me by others? Less comparison to others and less trying to meet others’ expectations?

How much importance do I assign to possessions. Do they ultimately bring me happiness and fulfillment? Can I live with less in my life?

Am I part of the mass consumerism in the world that contributes to problems on our planet?

Do I need to step away from the fast pace of my life because I constantly ignore what is important to me?

Do I always compare my situation to others and find myself lacking? Do I need to let go of trying to meet the expectations of others?

 Journal what arises in your consciousness – choose 3 of your most important items.


 What do you need to let go of?

 Let your inner voice guide you to let go of:

  • the need for recognition from others for your efforts
  • the belief that money and possessions will make you happy and safe
  • the feeling that you have to be enslaved to the hamster wheel of society’s demands
  • accepting that the productive you are, the more accepted and equal you will be to your peers
  • the conviction that the more you are needed and the harder you work the more indispensible and important you become to others
  • the belief that everything is equally important. Some things are more important for you…you have the power to choose what matters to you


What It Can Be Worth To You:

As you let go, you will find that there is a natural tendency to begin to clear physical clutter in your home, you can let go of past mistakes and forgive others. You may discover that you now have more space to make unobstructed choices and decisions that support what is aligned with your honest desires, not what others have imposed on you.

Making room can simply and spaciously reboot your life. When you take the steps to move away from the craziness and noise that can sometimes take over, you give yourself the gift of living more fully, deeply and authentically.

 Make Space for… time effectively spent, breathing in life more deeply… and… for greater silence and peace





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