If you were to describe your life right now, what words come to mind? Do you feel like you struggle every day to just keep up and everything just seems so hard and difficult? Do you feel powerless to manage the burden of what is going on in your relationships, with health issues, job demands or family demands?


Taking a moment to assess your current situation with regard to the ease or lack of it can help you see some ways you might change your present perspective.  Perhaps, with a little reflection, there is a way to shift gears so that you can build more gratitude and flow into your life…


Try this ->

Take a moment to carve out a quiet, inspiring place to rest for a few moments. Bring along a journal and your desire to discover something new.

Sit in a comfortable position, breathe deeply and fully for five in-breaths and out-breaths

Ask yourself the following questions and record your answers as fully as you can:

  • What aspects of my life feel stressful and overly difficult right now (list three to five)
  • Choose the two most important difficulties and ask: How can I make this simpler?
  • What would I need to stop doing to make this easier? What would I need to start doing to see these difficulties as less hard?
  • What would it look like if I added a perspective of gratitude for what I have identified as stress-inducing?

 For example:

You work long hours and you often long for time off because you are stressed and exhausted. 


Taking a step back and opening a path to gratitude, you might begin to itemize and appreciate the benefits to yourself and others of your efforts.

What if you did add a thankful perspective to the drudgery of your everyday efforts?  How would that change your level of difficulty?


Tell us how it went...

We would love you to share what came out of this reflective journey…


In the meantime, feel free to check out this article to help you to move away from the weight of the burden you carry by seeing it differently and then taking some action steps to change your actions:


Ultimately, you are the one who can change how your life feels – no matter what your circumstances. Enjoy a new view as you navigate in the flow rather than struggle with the obstacles.


Be well, Breathe fully and Accept Flow into your life,


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