At this time of year, it is easy to fall into the trap of overwhelm and stress. Not only are you faced with the present demands of the upcoming Season, but there may be another less obvious issue at play that is sapping your energy. You may also be expending a great deal of energy holding back the memories of the past that carry strong emotions and trauma you would rather not re-visit. Whether it is conscious or not, you are motivated by a fear of becoming overwhelmed if you let your past bleed into your present. It is a natural form of self-preservation to try to suppress the past emotions that threaten to drown your pleasure and keep you in an energy deficit, but ironically, by holding back the past influences you also flatten the very joy that you seek to embrace.


So, what do you do?

How do you deal with the overwhelm of painful memories, hidden emotions, and fears in your history that leave you vulnerable and powerless today? How can you finally heal old trauma and relieve the stress that steels your energy and threatens your ability to be freely and expansively joyful?


 Stretch your tolerance – push gently into the overwhelm. Just like any muscle, light exercise will help develop strength and ability to reach into the deepest part of your past so you can develop the courage to face it squarely.

 Learn to see your fear in a new way – instead of pushing it away, take the time to ‘hold a conversation’ with it. Open your heart with compassion for the influences and story that your fear needs to tell you

 Breathwork away the fear and the overwhelm – let your breath release the energy that fuels old worry and fear that keeps feeding your stress.

  • In the moment: As you breathe in deeply, let the restorative and regenerative potential of your breath keep your focus in the present while it carries away your stress with each exhale.
  • For deep healing: Breathwork can be the greatest tool for transformation


“Breathing is a way of dismantling the habitual stress responses by establishing a deeper trust and embodied presence in each moment. Chronic stress responses cause an overactive mind, poor health, and a disconnection from the natural cycles and interconnectedness with all of life. When you free up your breathing, you become brighter, healthier and more resilient. Every experience in life can become more harmonious and meaningful when you are in tune with the power and nourishment of consciously breathing.” ~ Shems Heartwell


Wishing you the joy you naturally embody,

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