NOTE: This excerpt is from a Facebook post belonging to Mr. Matt Kahn ( In this article, he offers a different and helpful way to look at what we traditionally define as blocks in our lives. 


“The opposite of feeling blocked is being in the flow. 
Quite literally, being in the flow means you are advancing towards the future in a more balanced, heart-centered, and grounded way– so much so, you are able to clearly see each moment as auspicious evidence of what is already flowing in your direction. The notion that you have to fix your blocks and ‘do everything you can’ to stay in the flow is an old paradigm way of unknowingly blocking the awareness of life’s inherent flow. It is simply the case of life planting seeds of possibility, only to refine the process as individual and collective consciousness ripens in maturity.”  ~ Matt Kahn


The above quote is a rich and innovative perspective of blocks and what they are in your life. Mr. Kahn suggests on his Facebook page article about the subject of blocks that ‘blocks’ aren’t really obstacles that get in your way but are actually ‘complexities of life’ that bring up egoic issues of self-blame and self-criticism (something is wrong; this should be happening faster; “if I don’t do this, I can’t have that”) that only appear to be roadblocks to you achieving your goals. 


In reframing the notion that blocks are ‘in your way’, and instead by seeing them as part of the flow into which you simply let go, you open the way to allow the Universal “magnificent creations” that are seeking to be in your life. As you flow with all that occurs in your life, you become accepting of the perfection of universal timing that pierces the veil of the limiting beliefs and perceived restrictions that only exist in your mind.


In the Breathwork process, we often speak of breaking through blocks but he offers a view of what is often the true experiences and outcomes of Breathwork. In the profound process of a Breathwork session, participants often experience a new perspective of the aspects of their lives that have held them back and that have been labelled as ‘blocks’.  In such realisations, they step powerfully into a close relationship with mastery.

As you spiritually evolve, you no longer hold your breath for what’s to come, nor do you imagine ‘it’ having the power to make you any happier. ‘It’ is simply one of many gifts the Universe is providing in each and every breath.
Once the things labeled as adversities and set-backs are welcomed as gifts equal to the outcomes you anticipate and desire, a life-long spiritual aspirant has successfully transitioned into the path of mastery.”
~Matt Kahn




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