…history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own ~ Michelle Obama


People who dedicate themselves to changing their own corner of existence bring hope to the hopeless and create innovative solutions that focus on what is possible rather than what is broken in the world. When imagination, compassion and optimism are applied even in small ways, it can make a difference in the well-being of others and can be inspiration for larger initiatives that catch fire from their spark.


Wellness Efforts in the World’s Workplace

Online magazine, Trendwatching () provides a snapshot of innovations in the workplace that are making a difference in the lives of others world-wide:

  • Denmark’s national education curriculum includes a weekly ‘empathy class’ for students can discuss individual or group problems (loneliness, bullying, group issues). The gatherings promote perspective, understanding and solutions-based discussions that respect all.


  • Despite very high unemployment in Colombia, a restaurant in Bogota is supporting justice, equality and compassion by hiring 10 Venezuelan immigrants who have fled very dire conditions in their home country.


  • To maintain a healthy work-life balance and ensure a positive work experience, digital communications company, Orange Egypt in Cairo, Egypt has launched summer hours for their employees in consideration of Cairo traffic, and as support for needed weekend time and daily relaxation at the beach.


  • In Seoul, South Korea, taxi drivers now have access to acceptable toilet facilities (previously denied) thanks to the Korea Smart Card company tool that provides locations of rest stops on card readers. The government has collaborated by providing supplies at these facilities.


  • A Turkish initiative, Borusan Equality Platform has developed open guidelines to help erase common discriminatory and bigoted language in the workplace. Its goal is to encourage a change in mindset toward equality and respect for women, the disabled and LGBT persons.


  • International ad agency, Walter Thompson, has introduced programs in their Brazil division to include more African management. They have employed an HR group specializing in such hiring with an end goal of greater equality and diversity throughout their company by 2020. Other large companies have expressed interest in their efforts.


  • A United States video game company has developed inhouse games that identify toxic and negative behaviour. Discussions to improve perspectives have resulted in more self-awareness, harmony and respect within the work environment.


  • In Nigeria, a bank rewards staff for performance despite the economic crisis in the country. It promotes management and leadership programs to help personal development. Such actions have impacted both the local and national economies.


  • Refugees in Brooklyn, New York take cooking courses by a local Café to help them train for future employment. A portion of sales in the Café is donated directly to the program.


Wellness Principles

The work of the above organisations defines what it means to nurture wellness in a community or culture. They embody principles that include:

  • treating the whole person.
  • generating safety, connection with self and others in a healthy, growth-oriented and meaningful way.
  • encouraging healthy lifestyles and feelings of equality and contribution.
  • embracing the need for self-compassion, taking personal responsibility and
  • recognition of the need for play and joy in life.


8 Steps to Nurturing Wellness in Your Own Life:
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Find a yoga or meditation class or sign up for a Breathwork session
  • Smile whether it feels genuine or not (fake it till you make it J )
  • Reach out to help someone who needs it
  • Let go of worry about past mistakes
  • Learn a new skill
  • Mindfully embrace the present moment
  • Become a grateful and appreciative human


How can you make a difference? Take this 7-Day Challenge ->

Each day, pick one of the above item and find ways to incorporate it in your life.

Each day research positive initiatives that inspire you and share it with someone.

How did your efforts change you? others?


It’s easy to forget that in every city throughout the world, we are all pursuing the same thing. We all go to work, follow our passions, have a career or profession, and contribute in some way to our own lives and those of others.

“We are social animals, who live in communities, who depend on each other to survive {…} Since we’re all interdependent, {…} we need to extend our compassion to the whole of humanity.” ~ Dalai Lama







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