The best way to predict the future is to create it ~ Peter Drucker


Is it time to take stock of your life? Are you floating without direction – no steering, sail, navigation or map? Is your life a parade of distracting crises that leaves little room for forward action? Do you feel victimised by a sense of little control over your emotional, mental, spiritual or physical life situations?

Visioning and manifesting are empowering life skills that provide a map to your own deepest truth and essence. Developing them through setting a plan for the coming year can:

  • create improved focus,
  • ease the difficulty in choices you make and
  • invite rapid transformation.


Exercise for Developing your Plan

In creating a workable plan for the coming year, begin by setting aside a few hours for quiet contemplation. Settle in comfortably and take a few minutes to breathe fully to connect with all aspects of your being.

Now, journal your responses to the following steps:

Assess the Events of the Past YearTake a moment to summarise what aspects of you grew as a result of your experiences – did you become more empowered? Compassionate? Connecting?

  • What experiences of the past year were the most important to you?
  • What areas of this past year were less than optimal?
  • If you had goals from this year, how many did you achieve and what did you learn about yourself as you accomplished them?


Define new Goals – holding the feeling from this past year, begin to look at what you desire for the year ahead. Take a moment to breathe deeply and feel the limitlessness of possibility to be present:

  • What do you want to accomplish in your career, health, relationships, personal growth, community service, making a difference?
  • What will it look like in your life when you complete each goal?
  • How will you be involved and how will it change your present situation?
  • How will you feel when you achieve each goal?
  • How will you reward and celebrate your successes?


Build the StructureThis part of your creation takes time, contemplation, reflection, journaling and discussion to get very clear about what goals you are going to pursue:

  • organise and prioritise your goals to create a personal map
  • decide what realistic steps you can take for each goal
  • consider obstacles you might encounter
  • how will you feel as you achieve these goals – breathe in that sense
  • create an action plan using the goals you have chosen – reinforce the plan with:
    • smaller daily steps
    • affirmations
    • inspiring pictures
    • daily reviews to imprint the plan and stay focused
    • occasional re-assessment of progress and adjustments


 Summarise Your Coming Year – Write a short paragraph on the general focus of the coming year and indicate how you intend to complete your stated objectives.

  • What will you need to call upon within yourself, from others to accomplish your goals?
  • How do you see yourself looking back at the end of the coming year on all you plan to do?


Staying the Course – Tips for Success

Know Your Self Worthtrust your value and accept you are worthy of receiving

Open to Abundance there is more than enough of everything on this planet and you can tap into its flow. Release limiting beliefs

Stay Grateful for Good Fortune – journal to uncover gratitude for all that you already have. “What are you grateful for in your life?”




The moment you start acting like life is a blessing it starts feeling like one ~




 Develop Systems to Support Your GoalSet up a system to take care of the routines of your life, saves time and allows space for creativity and focusing on your stated goals.

Use Affirmations to clear what is stuck. Write…write…write!

Be realisticmake the goals tangible; organise them into small, medium and big goals. Scale your efforts based on what matters the most to you


Learn to trust the value of goal achievement. It takes willingness, action, gratitude and clarity to change thoughts into the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reality of what you desire in life.

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