If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do – Napoleon Hill


Whether you know it or not, your every thought creates your experience. It is a Law of the Universe. Your thoughts direct what you focus on and what you focus on is what you perceive and what you experience in your reality.

Where is your attention focused?

If you ever wonder about the power of your thoughts, take a look around at your life. Do you often struggle and bump up against victimhood, negativity, failure and rejection?

Taking it one step deeper … Do you find yourself caught up in negative thoughts about yourself, others or the state of humanity these days?

How you see your life is a direct reflection of the thoughts and beliefs you have adopted as your truth. That is what is meant by ‘thought is creative’.

What Influences negative thoughts?
  • Primal Negative Thought – One of the most powerful forces on your thinking comes from the imprints held in cellular memory from the painful, stressful and fearful experiences of your birth. These thoughts are known as Primal Negative Thoughts and can have you believing such lies as: I am not wanted, I cannot do anything for myself, or the world is against me. These beliefs/thoughts operate under the radar of awareness and become self-fulfilling prophecies of life experience.

 What is your most negative thought about yourself? Can you see how you have attracted experiences into your life to prove your thinking is true?

 For example – If you believed from birth that you were not wanted, do you find you try to please everyone so you can feel  accepted and loved?

  • Early Life Conditioning – Your wounded inner child is the author of many of your negative core beliefs. You are not aware of this influence unless you commit to exploring your inner self to find out what programs, thoughts and beliefs are running you.

What are your most embedded thoughts from your family of origin and growing up? Where does that thinking appear in your life?

 For example – If you were told you could never do anything right, do you work to exhaustion trying to get everything perfect?

Because thought is creative, your inner thoughts will draw to you the experiences of the negative belief you hold. If you believe you are not enough, you will, time and again, draw circumstances to you to prove its truth.


Healing Your Negative Experiences:
  • With Breathwork  

 The breath is a potent tool for clearing out all the negative thoughts, beliefs, values, experiences, and traumas that are imprinted on your memories. It is also the vehicle for allowing light to fill the emptied space once the clearing is complete.

With Breathwork, it is possible to go back and access significant events of your life because they are still energetically present in cellular memory. A Breathwork session often begins with an intention to focus on a specific incident. What is interesting is that all the unconscious associations to that one incident may also be released and healed by the breath as it connects to the related memories stored in the cells of the body.

Through Breathwork, you can remove the effects not only of your birth traumas but also of all other painful life events that hold your energy and joy hostage.

  • With Affirmations:

 Positive affirmation processes can input high vibration thoughts where negativity has been released. Instead of ‘I can’t make it’ or ‘I can’t do this’, counteract the thought with ‘I can make it’, ‘I choose life’ or ‘I am abundant’. With repetition, the positive becomes your new reality.

  • Committing to Self-Discipline

While your positive and negative belief systems impact your life and achievements, if you want to change your physical situation, it takes commitment to taking daily action toward your new creation.

  • Taking responsibility for your thoughts.

Being Responsible is being 100% honest with yourself, loving yourself enough to know the best alternatives for your well-being, and about having the courage to make high choices as an act of self love and self respect.

As you identify and heal your negative thought patterns that sabotage your joy, you return to caring, kindness, love and the perfection of your life.




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