Are limiting thoughts controlling what you believe you can and cannot have in life? What internalised messages about lack keep you locked in old inherited patterns that just aren’t true? Do you trust in the presence of limitless possibility in your life or is your glass half empty?

The Mindset of Lack

When you believe and act as if there is not enough wealth to go around and you accept that you are not able to be prosperous, you are engaging in what Stephen Covey termed, ‘Scarcity Mentality’ or ‘lack mindset’.

A person who lives trapped in ‘lack mindset’ lives in a fear-based world of never having enough – money, time, connections, attention, rest, health, happiness, credentials, power or love. Their conviction of scarcity distorts and constricts their thinking and can mask talents and skills that are vital to their personal success. Living with a perspective of lack prevents the ability to take risks and cuts off the expectation for happiness and joy in life’s bounty.

Examine Your ‘Lack’ Mentality:

Explore the following questions to reveal how scarcity consciousness operates in your day-to-day experiences. How many of these questions do you say ‘yes’ to?

  • Are you willing to applaud and acknowledge someone else’s success or does it make you uncomfortable, resentful, judgemental or jealous of that person? Does someone’s success only shine a light on what you don’t have?
  • Do you often find yourself fearful of the future and doubt your ability to prosper?
  • Are you sparing with compliments, support, and service to others?
  • Do you feel depleted of energy and inspiration and find it difficult to relax and feel refreshed?
  • Do you feel you must compete with others for jobs, relationships, or money…or do you trust that you will always have what you need and want?
  • Does your need for money, opportunity or recognition cause you to be nervous, make you afraid to make a mistake and shut down your creativity as well as your desire to work with others?
  • When you are faced with decision, is it difficult to see solutions and open creatively to a universe of possibilities?
  • Even if you are successful in an endeavor, do you feel the pressure to earn more, have more or be more than you are right now?
  • Do you compare yourself to others and come up less than?
  • Does your life feel like a constant struggle with little potential for winning?
  • Is your glass half–empty?

Overcoming Lack Mindset

How you think and what you believe about life determines the choices you make and governs how you ultimately act toward yourself and others. Here are a few suggestions to help shift a ‘lack’ mindset to a more inclusive, open, and abundant approach:

Be grateful and appreciate others – express gratitude for the support and contributions of others;

Seek the possibility in challenges – instead of seeing an obstacle as a dead end;

Embrace the truth that there is more than enough – there is enough for everyone including you;

Connect with abundance – Make friends and connections with those who live from a prosperous mindset rather than those who express scarcity consciousness;

Adopt a positive life perspective – see the opportunity for growth in any life challenge;

Whatever you desire, give that to others – donate money to others, spend and give attention to those who are less fortunate;

Make time for reflection and self-care – use meditation, Breathwork, journaling, and/or therapy to understand, identify and alter your ‘lack’ programming

Pay attention to your ‘lack’ influences– become aware of what TV you watch, what you read – use positive material to uplift you;

Trust that you will have what you need– spend time remembering when you received what you needed (have you ever needed a parking spot in a busy lot and one suddenly appears? Did money show up from an unexpected source just when you needed it?)

The Vital Call to Shift Lack Mindset

Perspective, belief and thought create reality. A scarcity or lack mindset sets up an ‘us against them’ mentality that feels like your safety and survival are constantly under threat.

When you are able to identify and shift that thinking and deconstruct your fear-based view of life and the world, you make a contribution toward the fulfillment of prosperity on a global scale. It opens the door to your authentic abundant nature and the joy and happiness that is your birthright.

Entrance door half opened to the nature background

“There is a natural law of abundance which pervades the entire universe, but it will not flow through a doorway of belief in lack and limitation.” ~ Paul Zaiter

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