Emotion, stress and nervous tension are the greatest leakage of personal life force known to mankind. No physician, no medicine, no drugs, pills or electric treatments have been able to stop leakage of personal life force and the loss of vitality caused by excess emotional tension, nervous tension and stress ~ Chris Walker


In a recent post, inspirational coach and consultant for change, Chris Walker offers an enlightening perspective on how body behaviors are external evidence of inner stress, disharmony and loss of vitality. He asserts that physiological symptoms such as restlessness, squirming, fidgeting, poor posture and nervous reactions that can include trembling, rapid speech or verbosity are evidence that all is not aligned and calm within.

Mr. Walker suggests that we are wholly connected to the energy from our environment and advises that choosing what intuitively feels harmonious and aligned with love, joy and abundance can generate and add to your inner harmony and increase your personal vitality. He provides a powerful insight into the energetic influence that emanates from your environment and the things with which you surround yourself. He expresses that the nature we invite into our lives, the art we hang in our homes, the animals we connect with, and even the gifts that we are given and the artifacts and architecture around us are infused with an ancestry of energetics from those with whom the items or places have interacted in the past. 

He suggests that we all have to capacity to restore the desirable state of harmony by breaking these body habits, by becoming aware of and regulating our thoughts, by steadying our gaze, by assuming a posture of poise and grace and by calming our minds. He particularly notes that being mindful of the words we speak and the music we listen to can consciously attract harmony into our daily experience.


Enjoy this fascinating and in-depth read from Chris Walker:



Breathwork can also be a powerful catalyst to returning us to a state of stasis in that it helps release the old energies that have become obstacles to fully embracing and awakening harmony at the cellular level within us. It is at that cellular level where healing and ultimate unity can thrive.

Let your breath be the force for oneness in your life,

Breathe well,




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