There is no shortage of stressful moments that you must navigate every single day. Especially now with global crises ranging from extreme weather to pandemics,  not only are you confronted with your own worry issues  but you are also immersed in a collective consciousness of fear, foreboding and struggle.  Sometimes, staying upright while dodging the potholes of emotional upset whilst carrying the weight of global strife takes every ounce of resolve you have.

More often than not, there is a tendency to look at stress as a condition to get rid of – something simply makes you feel awful, that wears you down and makes you exhausted.

Would it surprise you that it might be possible to think about your burden of stress as a positive force in your life? What if there really was a forward energy in the middle of all that gut churning, nail biting and sleepless nights that often define the grip of stress in your life.

Here is a great article that gives you a different slant on your negative view of stress …it helps you look at how you can harness all that supposed disintegrative energy and bend it to your own desires – paradoxically, stress can be the very fuel you need to help slingshot you onto the path that your deepest self is guiding you to follow:

When you finish reading, take a moment to sit quietly, breathe and consider how your refreshed responses to the stressors in your day might be different. How can you deal with the global pressures that add to your stress weight?

Feel free to share your thoughts or questions with our community in the comments.
We would love to hear your experiences.

Be well and Breathe well

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