Trauma is a fact of life. It does not however have to be a life sentence ~ Peter A. Levine

“Trauma is an emotional response to experiencing or witnessing a severely distressing event, or series of events. It is marked by persistent and intense feelings of helplessness, horror, and fear for your personal safety or that of someone else.” (

Trauma is an inevitable part of this human experience that actually begins at your birth. From that point onward, there are plenty more opportunities to experience levels of distress that can trap you in a cage of fear and avoidance. Trauma causes an energetic impasse that can block your ability to live to your full potential and experience joy. While the reasons for its presence might be very well-defined, (car accident, surgery, relationship issues, victimization, childhood experiences, death of a loved one), the healing of the wound may not be quite so distinct and clear.

The articles below are worth the read as they point out ways in which trauma occurs, defines characteristics of trauma that you might not have considered, helps you to understand how trauma affects your brain long term and offer solutions you can do for yourself to manage your symptoms.

In addition to the suggestions in both these articles, one of the most powerful and profound paths to healing trauma lies in the Breathwork process which can provide powerful healing of hidden trauma.  In a Breathwork session, because you are conscious, you can relive an experience knowing it is a memory and you can put voice to what is suppressed so it can be released.  A trained Breathworker can support and assist you to acknowledge the raw pain of old wounds and guide you to discover awareness and learning within a very sensitive situation. More and more experience is showing the efficacy of the breath to heal trauma and repair neurological damage.


The experience of any trauma in life causes a cessation of breath, which is what locks it in the cellular memory.  Liberating the memory with continued, deep breathing allows healing and an unobstructed flow of energy throughout our body.  Your breath is an elegant and intelligent pathway to authentic freedom from the burden of trauma that holds you back.


Breathe your way to wellness,






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