10 Oct 2015 | John Stamoulos |

You Are Your Own Healer

When health issues arise,  they can bring out the powerless victim in you and can knock you completely off-balance. The process of healing can return empowerment and meaningful wholeness to your life as it repairs, regenerates and restores stasis.

True healing is not just about the removal of the symptom, but, as Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s article the Process of Getting Well,  states, “healing represents a complete reversal of what caused the illness in the first place.” While that might seem like a tall order, it can come about through personal introspection, psychotherapy and the utilization of spiritual approaches.

How you can heal and regain your focus

Embrace your deepest desire to heal: You have to want to heal and accept it is your responsibility to allow the healing to happen. Give yourself the space and reach out for the safe support you need.

Overcome fear and despair:  You are a limitless being connected to an infinite source of possibilities and healing outcomes. Let go of constrictions that tell you otherwise.

Access your Inner Healer:  Transpersonal psychologist, Dr. Stanislav Grof coined the term ‘Inner Doctor’ to identify the ‘physician’ aspect within that heals and guides you beyond the biological problems to the energetics of the imbalance.

Utilize non-ordinary states of consciousness: such as Breathwork and release work to explore the deeper dimensions of your being where your full healing potential resides.

Change attitudes and behaviours:

Physically – this might require changing your diet, adding exercise and rest, or seeing a healthcare professional.

Mentally –take full responsibility for your well-being; change unsupportive or negative beliefs; open to forgiveness; be present; transform your attitude.

Emotionally – open to self-love; treat yourself kindly;  pray, meditate, and seek peace.

Spiritually – spend time in nature; you are a part of the sun, sky and trees-let that bring renewal.

Embrace healing as a thought  – see yourself as well. In “Love Medicine and Miracles”, Dr. Bernie Siegel suggests drawing pictures to portray being healed (are you travelling, playing with your children, moving about freely?)


All the medical professionals, natural healing techniques, counselors in the world are simply facilitators on your unique journey to your well-being. In the end, it is your willingness to heal and your actions  over time will ally you with your healing.

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