Unless you have spent your life in a cave on a mountaintop, you pretty much have been exposed to the notion and importance of Self-care in your life.  It is a well-worn concept whose virtues have been plastered all over the media and can be easily identified as – get a massage, eat good food, get sufficient sleep, exercise, go to the doctor, hang out with friends, take a vacation…. maybe even move to that cave on the mountaintop for a while 🙂


As much as you might hear about self-care, it is often ignored when  it comes to the practice of it – especially when you are swept up in the momentum of ‘doing’ in life. As you struggle to meet the demands on your time, it might be worthwhile to pause, breathe!!! and assess where you might need some preventative self-care –


Here are a couple of articles that offer a unique slant on the subtle ways your body, mind and soul are telling you to ‘take a breather’ and why it might be time to move Self-Care up your list of priorities :





As an added incentive –you can use some of these affirmations to help keep you focused on that “Sacred Selfish” aspect of your life:

  • When I take good care of myself, I have more to give others
  • I do not have to be perfect to be loved and accepted by others
  • I am prioritizing my own needs as I recognize they are important
  • I can change and improve myself and I accept that I cannot make others change
  • I understand that others are able to take responsibility for themselves
  • I am letting go of the responsibility to manage other people’s feelings    ~ (taken from ~ @positive_regard_for_you)


You can also download my free affirmations guide here:


It can provide daily inspiration to keep you focused on being well for yourself so you can be well for others!





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