Self-care is so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel ~Eleanor Brown


We hear a lot of rhetoric these days about Self-Care yet, while the notion of it sounds like a great goal that matters, it is rare that we really take the time to practice the principles and make room for ourselves in our daily lives. Besides, many of the ideas we read about usually involve putting a significant dent in our budgets!

Here is a great article that provides16 easy self-care things for you to do that does not cost you any money. With a little dedication, they can be worked into a day so that it becomes part of your consciousness.


Give this a try –>

  • Read over the list and choose one item that appeals to you.
  • Take a moment to record in your journal where you are in your life with regard to that one item.
  • Write a reminder sticky note about your item and attach it to your bathroom mirror, your car dashboard or anywhere you will see it regularly. (You can choose more than one spot!)
  • Make sure to practice the item every day for 21 days
  • At the end of 21 days, re-read your original situation and compare it to the present to see how you have changed.


Remember, it has taken a lifetime to learn all the ways we are supported to overlook self-care so be patient with yourself as you unlearn the old rules. Take one item, and practice it for 21 days. It will become a habit that will change you in surprising ways.


Go ahead – I dare you! Take the challenge and see how you change!

Just one item for 21 days!


Be well, and take care of yourself!


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